5 Tips For Nighttime Maintenance

Only with the right approach can your skin become beautiful at night without you realizing it.

What can you do to give your skin a good night’s sleep? What maintenance methods can make the maintenance products at night to maximize their effectiveness of it?

If you want to know, take a look at the following 5-night maintenance methods, every day before bed to adhere to do, your skin will quietly become beautiful in the sleep!

1. Supplemental vitamin C, so that you quietly become white in your sleep

Skin in the case of not getting enough sleep, nutrients will be overly lost. If you have the habit of taking oral beauty products every day, it is recommended to take vitamin C and oral collagen products before going to bed instead, which not only has a better absorption effect than during the day but also helps the skin to get fully repaired nutrition during sleep and restore elasticity and luster.

Whitening tips: If you do not have the habit of taking beauty products orally, you can also choose some topical skincare products containing vitamin C, such as vitamin C liquid, whitening masks containing vitamin C ingredients, or products containing whitening ingredients that can not see light, the night ultraviolet light is weakened, is a good opportunity to whiten, stick to it, you will find that the skin is slowly becoming fairer, transparent Oh!

2. Mask with a layer of cling film, the effect multiplied

Because “dehydration” is the biggest problem facing the skin at night, a moisturizing mask before bed can be a good solution. A variety of paper masks and gel masks can bring moisturizing and hydrating effects. Remember that a good paper mask is one that fits tightly to the face, has eyelets, and is properly cut. We all find that the mask is particularly dry in autumn and winter, as if the essence of evaporation than absorbed by the face more, then you can cover the top of the mask with a layer of the thinnest kind of cling film to prevent the mask from being quickly dried, and more importantly, to ensure that the nutrients are completely released deep into the skin.

Apply the mask tips: after cleansing at night, if the skin is very tired, it is very difficult to absorb the essence of the mask. So, before applying the mask, you may want to use the importing lotion or special importing liquid, massage the skin to speed up the blood circulation, and then apply the mask, so that the nutrients will also be absorbed better.

3. Choose the plant ingredients of the night cream, more easily absorbed

The plant essential oil is extracted from the natural molecules of the plant will be smaller than the general plant oil molecules, its diffusion, penetration is faster, but also easy to be absorbed by the skin. High-quality night creams contain essential oils, in addition to the plant oil in the skin surface to form a locking layer, but also with the oil-soluble ingredients can quickly penetrate into the skin, so that the skin inside and outside to keep moisturized.

Tips for using night cream: Our cream application method is simple and effective. When applying the cream, the first five points of the face (forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin) were evenly rubbed with cream, wrapped in the palm of your hand for 5 seconds, and then the residual cream in the palm of your hand, brought to the neck skin, respectively, with the left hand to pat the right side of the neck, the right hand to pat the left side of the neck 10 times, can play a role in tightening the skin of the neck at the same time, to prevent wrinkles and sagging.

4. Simplify maintenance, let the skin zero burden to sleep

The skincare maintenance before going to bed, there is no need to use too much or a lot of, simple serum + cream is enough to repair to the deep layer of the skin, does not affect the skin breathing and self-regulation ability.

After washing your face, use your hands or a cotton pad to push away the serum from your neck to your forehead to provide skin renewal power; wait for 1 minute, then apply a targeted night cream that suits you, which will send the active ingredients successfully into the skin cells, regularize the cell arrangement and enhance the skin repair power. Or you can use a sleeping mask, which can also help skin repair at night but do not apply too thick, use too often, so as not to increase the burden on the skin.

Evening serum tips: Many people mistakenly believe that anti-aging serum is very thick, high concentration of ingredients, difficult to absorb. In fact, most anti-aging serums contain vitamin A, coenzyme Q10, Ginkgo Biloba extract, which is easily absorbed by the skin maintenance ingredients, will not burden the skin, and is also suitable for young skin use.

5. Eye massage to solve a variety of problems around the eyes

If you have dark circles, eye bags, and eye swelling, do not skip the massage step before going to bed.

Evening eye care tips: eye massage waist pay special attention to the strength, because it is easy to strain the eye skin, so be sure to massage with eye cream, which can stimulate blood circulation, promote the absorption of eye cream, but also reduce the friction between the hands and eyes.

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