Can I Still Use My Skincare Products After Opening For A Year?

Storing skincare products correctly can help prolong their use.

It is recommended that skincare products should not be used after one year of opening. Most skincare products have a shelf life of three years without being opened, but skincare products generally need to be used within six months after opening in order not to cause damage to the skin and prevent new skin problems.

In addition, for some efficacious skincare products, the shelf life after opening will be a little shorter, such as whitening, antioxidant products, generally, open the shelf life will be in about three months.

Some pure hydration skincare products have a relatively long shelf life after opening, generally speaking in 6 months to 12 months.

How to store properly to extend the shelf life of skincare products?

The correct way to store skincare products should be to keep them in a dry, cool, too sunny place, so as to avoid deterioration of skincare products due to high temperature, low temperature, ultraviolet light, humidity, and other factors.

The skincare products expired can be turned into treasure

1. Expired lotion

We all know that lotion on the face will have a refreshing feeling, it is because the lotion contains alcohol, which has a cleansing effect on the skin. After the expiration of the lotion, we can use it to clean tables, chairs, tiles, etc., with the lotion wipe the mirror will make the mirror longer to maintain clarity. And with makeup cleaning leather bags and other leather goods can also play a protective role.

2. Expired face wash

Expired face wash can not be used directly on the face, or it is easy to cause facial allergies. We all know that the cleansing effect of facial cleansers is very strong, you can use an expired facial cleanser to wash your hands. It can also be used to clean sports shoes.

3. Expired talcum powder

If you don’t want to wash your hair and happen to be going out, take a small amount of talcum powder and smear it evenly on your hair, which will reduce the greasiness of your hair. Just wash your hair and smear some talcum powder to reduce the degree of hair oil, so that the hair is more durable and dry.

4. The expired mask

After the expiration of the mask inside the nutrients will deteriorate, for the more fragile facial skin can not be used, we can take out the expired mask after refrigeration to gently rub it to the neck, arms, calves and other parts of the hydration is still very helpful. After use, do not throw, use it to rub shoes that can be covered with a film on the surface of the shoes, which can be a good protection of shoes.

5.Expired makeup remover

Expired makeup remover is also a very good cleaning tool, with a strong ability to remove oil and dirt, a variety of kitchen utensils we can use makeup remover to clean.

6. Body lotion

The role of body lotion is to moisturize the skin, applied to the nails can increase the luster of the nails so that the skin of the hands becomes more beautiful.

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