Do I Need To Wear Sunscreen If I Don’t Go Out?

Precautions for applying sunscreen

It is necessary to apply sunscreen even if you do not go out. UVA is the one that can cause skin aging, and its penetrating power is so strong that ordinary glass cannot block it, so even if you don’t go out, the light will come in from the translucent place and affect your skin.

Even if there is no direct sunlight, even if you stay indoors and do not go out, you should pay attention to good sun protection.

The skin is affected by UV rays and is prone to skin discoloration, darkening of the skin tone, clogged pores, and rough skin. In daily sun protection, you should also be careful not to stay next to a glass window for a long time to avoid tanning.

Precautions for applying sunscreen

1. sunscreen belongs to cosmetics, so it is necessary to remove the sunscreen after applying it. If the sunscreen is not removed cleanly and left on the surface of the skin, it is easy to block the pores and induce acne or acne generation. 2.

2. need to pay attention to the amount of sunscreen. The amount of sunscreen should not be too little, otherwise, it will not be able to form a film, not to achieve the effect of sun protection.

3. you need to do sunscreen work all year round because even cloudy days have strong ultraviolet rays, so even if there is no direct sunlight, it is necessary to apply sunscreen.

4. barrier cream is not a substitute for sunscreen.

5. Sunscreen should be applied 30 minutes before going out to allow the sunscreen to form a film, otherwise, it will affect the effectiveness of the sunscreen.

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