How Do Men Look Good In Sweaters?

Dressing well is being gentle with yourself.

How Do Wearing Sweaters For Men Look Good?

1. The length of the jacket should never be the same as the sweater

When wearing a sweater with a jacket, “staggered length” is the key to avoiding a bulky look. Wear a medium-length or long jacket over the sweater to create a contrast between the long outside and short inside, visually stretching the body vertically and making it look slimmer.

Or, choose a longer sweater with a short jacket to form another sense of dislocation. In short, your jacket can be long or short, but the length must not be the same as the sweater.

2. The collar of the shirt must be inside the sweater

The inside of the shirt has been the standard of the sweater, we all often wear so. The difference is that the middle-aged uncle will not repair the top of the shirt will open a buckle, boldly drag the collar to the outside of the sweater, comfortable is the only standard.

The girls love the literary young men will button the shirt, the rules of the collar on the sweater inside, looks very neat and introspective.

3. Pants choose dark slim models

If the pants are not worn well, they will also look short and fat. Low-grade pants and wide-legged pants are definitely taboo. With the sweater choose darker slim pants, it is best to wear short boots, legs look longer at the same time can effectively remove the upper body of the bloated feeling.

In addition to the sweater style and how to wear a good sweater, there is the most important point: the material. A sweater shape is good-looking, if the material of the hair is not good, it can still tie you can not get on the body.

Sweater fabric from good to bad is cashmere > merino wool > ordinary wool > lambswool.

First choice: Baby Cashmere

This material of sweater is said to be the god of naked wear. Baby Cashmere comes from less than 1-year-old goat cubs and has a fine, soft fleece that stays close to the body, with hollow fibers and no medullary layer.

A sweater made from baby goat’s fleece can be worn directly against your body, and the finely crafted, delicate fibers are like an early spring breeze caressing your skin.

Second choice: Merino – Merino wool

Merino is the finest wool other than cashmere.

Australia is the best source of Merino wool, with 40% of the world’s Merino coming from Australia, followed by New Zealand and then South America.

Compared to cashmere, merino wool feels and keeps you slightly less warm, but it’s not so bad that it zaps you to the point of being unbearable when you put it on.

Avoid: Wool, Lamb

There are many kinds of ordinary wool, including Mongolian, Tibetan, and Kazakh sheep in China. However, the labels of general clothes are not so fine but are basically uniformly labeled with wool.

Compared to merino wool, ordinary wool feels worse and will tie the skin, even if the shirt is worn inside, your neck will still be tied to the point where you can not breathe.

There is also lamb’s wool, don’t think that lamb’s wool is soft and comfortable, because its wool fibers are short and coarse, made of sweater tie degree is simply to the point of outrageous.

So, men remember: the word Lamb means uncomfortable, do not buy if you are afraid to tie.

In my opinion, sweaters carry the sophistication, decency, simplicity, warmth, and the most original spirituality of men very much in line.

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