How To Apply Nail Polish Will Not Fall Off?

Teach you to paint nail polish is not easy to fall off the magic trick.

Just painted nail, after washing hands, knocking on the keyboard and a series of tedious things fell off, it is very annoying, nail polish how to paint will not fall off, today teach you a few just painted nail polish fell off the simple remedy, so that the beautiful coat of nails more durable, but also let our mood become sunnier.

The only thing that doesn’t fall off easily is the nail salon light therapy kind, which lasts 1-2 months, but it hurts the nails too much.

How to apply nail polish will not fall off?

The trick one, before applying nail polish, do not to make the nail surface too smooth, especially do not wax, waxed nails is on the nail polish is very easy to fall off. You can use a very fine abrasive strip to lightly wax the nail surface a little. This way the nail polish will be in full contact with the nail surface.

The second trick is to wait until after the nail polish is dry and then apply one or two coats of clear nail polish, which is more wearable.

Tip three, pay attention to protect the fingernails well done. Try to be careful not to rub with hard objects, if you can, do not use your hands to scrub clothes directly, if the washing is more, you can wear rubber gloves to protect the integrity of the nail polish and hand skin.

Before applying nail polish, use cotton dipped in some vinegar to wipe your nails clean, and then apply nail polish after the vinegar dries, so that the nail polish will not fall off easily.

There is also the nail polish is usually applied first from the middle of the nail root forward a stroke, and then along both sides of the edge of the nail each stroke. This means that the brush is applied in the order of the center, followed by the sides in a neat average of about three times to prevent the nail polish from falling off quickly.

To make the nail polish last longer, you can also brush on the front of the nail first, then rub the polish on the whole nail. Or rub the polish in two batches: the first batch should be brushed on less to make the polish dry easily. The second batch of nail polish should be more. After rubbing the oil, you can use a cotton swab to wipe the oil stains on the surrounding finger skin flesh.

No matter what kind of nail polish, as long as painted for a long time, the nail will not breathe, very easy to become yellow, so painted nail polish before and after removing nail polish, it is best to put on a layer of maintenance oil beforehand as appropriate. This is like a transparent nail polish product coating method as above, it also has the role of anti-pigmentation.

Just painted nail polish fell off, how to remedy it?

Case 1:

If it is a certain fingernail painted off, you can directly paint on this nail with a completely different finger color from other fingernails to create a color clash effect, presenting a unique personality, more market trend sense.

Case 2:

If you are a girl with dexterous hands, you can also spend some time and care to create a hollow pattern using the painted part, or use nail stickers to decorate the painted position to present a chic sense of beauty.

Case 3:

Usually, you can also use a finger paint with sequins on the painted area, or directly with sequins all over, or of course, the whole nail surface or 1/2 part of it can be decorated with such sequins to create a gorgeous and dazzling style, the ultimate eye-catcher. At the same time, it can also make people feel that our heart is not willing to the status quo, blooming out of our own beautiful atmosphere.

The above tells you how to apply nail polish that will not fall off, teach you a few simple tricks to apply nail polish, and nail polish fall off remedies.

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