Is There A Way To Get Nail Polish To Dry Quickly?

You can do beautiful nails at home.

Is there any way to get nail polish to dry quickly and not get smudged?

The answer is: yes!

1. Refrigerate nail polish for half an hour

20-30 minutes before you want to apply nail polish, you can put the nail polish in the refrigerator for a while, the refrigerated nail polish has a lower temperature compared to the air, resulting in a heat absorption effect and easy evaporation! After brushing your nails, it will be dry in a few dozen seconds!

2. Apply nail polish at the vent

Although applying nail polish is a small thing, also pay attention to the “location” ah! You can choose to paint your nail polish at the window, door, and other vents but avoid the sun, it is also possible to make the nail polish dry faster, in addition to a benefit: the general nail polish has a relatively heavy smell, in the vents can also make the smell drift faster, reducing the amount of inhaled respiratory nail polish smell.

3. A small amount of nail polish multiple brushes

Nail polish brush from the nail polish take out, do not bring directly to the hand to apply, but first in the bottle “rub” off some nail polish, and then in the nail coating, and then wait for it to dry boy coated a second time, dropping three times – a thin coating of multiple layers. This can avoid leakage, apply out nail polish more colorful, but also make nail polish easier to dry, save time waiting for nail polish solidification.

4. Soak your nails in ice water after painting

Low temperatures make it easier for nails to set. According to this principle, after applying nail polish on your fingernails for 2-3 minutes, soak your fingers in ice water for about 1 minute. This will not only make the nail polish more “solid” but will also dry quickly. Note that it is better not to have ice cubes in the cold water, so as not to scratch the nail polish that has not yet dried; in addition, you should not put your nail polish into the ice water immediately after application, otherwise, it will easily make the nail polish blister and fall off.

5. Dry your nail polish with the cold air of a hairdryer

Nail salons use special blow dryers, but your own blow dryer can have the same effect. The trick is to use cool air. Hot air will slow down the setting of nail polish, so by using the cool air of a hairdryer, you can dry your nail polish quickly.

6. Apply quick drying polish or use nail polish quick dryer/spray

Another great option is quick-drying polish. Besides allowing the nail polish to dry in a short time, it also forms a protective film on the top layer to achieve a longer-lasting effect on the nail polish. However, quick drying polish is not a panacea, because underneath the protective film, the nail polish is still not completely solidified, and it is easy to form lumps or ripples.

In addition, there are also “nail polish quick dryer” and “nail polish quick dry spray” on the market, which can easily fix the problem of slow-drying nail polish in a few minutes.

7. Pick a fast drying nail polish

In fact, now there is really everything on the market, still in the silly pick nail polish but do not know that there is fast-drying nail polish you can OUT? As long as you choose to apply quick-drying nail polish, you can generally dry in 2-3 minutes.

Although it is a quick-drying nail polish, you can not apply too much nail polish at once, the same need to follow the principle of “thin coating multi-layer”!

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