The Classic Sweater Style For Men

In every girl’s fantasy, the hero has worn a sweater.

My fondness for sweaters began with the opening scene of “BJ’s Bachelor Diaries”: the heroine saw a tall, sturdy back and thought she had met the right man, who turned around and a wacky reindeer Christmas sweater appeared in front of her eyes. Like the heroine, she disliked the ugly sweater but fell madly in love with the contrast of the hero Colin Firth.

That year’s fashion magazine also did a survey on this, the results of more than a third of the people think that even if the Christmas sweater is ugly, wearing it is still sexy.

If you want to be a sexy man who can make girls look at you more, you should put aside the prejudice that “wearing a sweater is equal to being a sissy” and try it out in the fall and winter.

To choose a sweater, be sure to pick the purest bloodline British fisherman sweater. In those British fishing islands where sheep are running around, sweaters are everywhere.

As an important strategic material during World War II, sweaters were the greatest moral support given to front-line soldiers by the people behind the lines.

These fuzzy fabrics were not only the ultimate weapon against the cold and damp but also later became the core of decent and sophisticated clothing in the bones of British men.

Two of the most classic and still widely worn styles are:

1. Aran Sweater

The Aran Sweater was born in the early 20th century on the island of Aran, off the west coast of Ireland. It is predominantly white in color and incorporates a unique pattern made up of intricate knitting stitches.

This fancy knitting method was not originally intended to be aesthetically pleasing, but rather a family symbol, with each family having its own sweater pattern that was passed down from generation to generation.

As a result, the Aran sweater was also often used to help identify the bodies of fishermen who met with shipwrecks. Even though those brave fishermen lost their lives to nature, the Aran sweater on their bodies can still help their souls find a home.

The Aran sweater is knitted from unwashed, natural sheep’s fat wool, so it is very warm and waterproof, effectively stopping rain from penetrating the sweater and keeping it dry. It absorbs 30 percent of its weight in water before you feel wet.

The British fisherman’s Aran sweater became popular in the 1960s in the U.S. In 1961, when JFK, who was of Irish descent, ran to become the 35th president of the U.S., an Irish hurricane was instantly felt across the country.

The Clancy Brothers, a folk-rock group of the same era as Bob Dylan, often wore white Aran sweaters at that time, leading to the Aran sweater craze in the United States.

Steve McQueen, the Hollywood tough guy actor at the time, added more hormonal scent to the sweater, and he made millions of girls fall in love with him by wearing an Aran sweater and sunglasses.

Nowadays, the Alain sweater has lost its function of family identity, but the bravery of fishermen and the freedom of the sea behind it make it one of the most classic sweater styles.

2. Fair Isle Sweater

Compared to the white and plain Aran sweater, the Fair Isle sweater is more of a flashy and decorative garment. The Fair Isle sweater is named after Fair Isle, an island located in the North Sea in northern Scotland, where the harsh climate and geography led local fishermen to develop this sweater.

The colors and patterns of the Fair Isle sweater have a strong regularity, arranged in horizontal stripes.

It is rich in color, and in addition to the sheep’s natural colors such as cream, dark gray, honey, and brown, dye colors such as red, yellow, and blue can also be seen. However, the main colors of each row of the pattern cannot exceed two, which looks chaotic and orderly.

In order to be warmer, Fair Isle sweaters are knitted with a complex dashed jacquard process, and the resulting fabric is twice as thick as ordinary fabric, which is quite important for the inhabitants living on a cold island.

It was the Duke of Windsor who really brought Fair Isle knitting to the upper echelons of society.

In 1921, the Duke of Windsor suddenly became interested in the remote Fair Isle, and the man began playing golf on the island every day in a Fair Isle sweater.

This move began to take the aristocratic circle by storm, and at that time, as long as a man with good taste, must wear a Fair Isle sweater.

Although the function of keeping warm and waterproof is not so important for daily life, the Fair Isle sweater featuring patterns is still the best-selling style for festive holidays.

Some of the classic patterns include snowflakes, flowers, crosses, moose, hearts, pine trees, etc.

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