What Type Of Pants Is Best For Men?

Something wrong with your pants can absolutely ruin you instantly.


In everyday wear, pants are often the easiest to ignore because girls who are used to seeing people from head to toe will see the top first, and girls who are used to seeing people from foot to head will see the shoes first. Successful matching is hard to attribute to a good choice of pants, but a fault in pants can absolutely ruin you instantly.

The discussion of basic pants is particularly instructive, and figuring out the style and selection method is much more useful than figuring out the trends of this year’s shows

1. Flat Front Dress Pants

As a working person, you must have a pair of pants that can attend any formal occasion.

  • Pleated-single pleat
  • Flat Front-no pleats

Although the single pleat of the Pleated style can provide better wearing comfort, especially when sitting down, it can provide enough space for people like me who have a full crotch to move around. But it was too bulky and old-fashioned, and with the trend toward simplicity in clothing design, it has basically disappeared from the scene in recent years.

All generations of James Bond’s formal wear can be used as a model, the old version of Bond generally wears Pleated, while the new version of Bond has been fully replaced with Flat Front.

A pair of gray or navy blue formal pants, which can be worn for a very long time, belong to the necessary equipment. You can use them for work, weddings, interviews, and all the formal occasions you can think of. Of course, it is better to buy a formal suit so that you can avoid the pain of color matching the top and bottom and avoid making mistakes. Choosing more colors and more style orientations can also be enough to reflect formal solemnity.

In addition, the most critical point of men’s clothing is the fit, and whether the formal pants fit can be based on several aspects judged. For example, the pants should not be too tight and there must be enough space in the thigh to ensure that the entire trouser surface is flat and smooth when standing and there are no excessive folds when walking normally; for example, the length of the pants should reach the shoe surface when standing, slightly covering the shoe surface and forming a slight fold at the trouser leg, called a break. When the best trouser length is Quarte Break, Half is also acceptable, Full means the pants are long, No means they are short and need to be replaced.

At the same time, when attending a formal event, you need to ensure that your socks are exposed when you sit down and avoid showing any skin with leg hair, so a pair of stockings with long socks is also very necessary.

The waistline of the pants should be such that they will not fall out of the pants even without a belt as a standard. This is something that men with a slightly chubby body type should pay particular attention to. A well-fitting or even slightly tighter pair of pants can correct the body shape and shift the center of gravity upwards so that people mistakenly think you are strong and solid, not fat.

2. Chinos

In fact, Chinos are not exactly the same as khakis, as the orthodox khaki pants are made of cotton in khaki color, but in recent years, the material of Chinos is not so fixed, adding a lot of artificial fibers, both comfort and durability have been improved, and the colors are also getting more and more diverse, and the sultry index is rising.

A common mistake is also to confuse Chinos with the kind of pocket pants (Cargo) that are full of pockets. Chinos only have two pockets, so can the kind of pants that have pockets all over the body be worn out?

One of the common mistakes in wearing pants is wearing jeans wherever you go. In addition to formal pants for formal occasions, the best alternative to jeans for semi-formal occasions is khaki pants, which can be worn with most tops and shoes, regardless of spring, summer, autumn, and winter, and with shirts to cover work and life scenes, which are essential styles for boys.

Chinos with boots will look more elegant than jeans, while also avoiding the problem of mixing colors of denim on the top and bottom; in pure life scenarios, when you should wear jeans, you can change into a pair of Chinos to show more yuppie temperament; in semi-formal dress, Chinos is also the most important item, more comfortable than formal pants, without losing rigor.

The definition of fit for these semi-lifestyle pants is rather casual, and can be simply understood as slim, straight, and must conform to the shape of one’s legs, and more snug than formal pants, not loose, otherwise it will look very bloated.

I also want to introduce a styling tool: the back belt. Many people actually do not have much understanding of the back belt, but in the early years of the back belt is actually a must for formal pants, can be very good to fix the height of the pants, especially for the more fat people, do not need to endure the belt restraint, for the shorter people, can avoid the movement of the pants caused by the slide, so that the legs look longer, is the gospel of short people, thick waist men’s savior.

It is difficult to match the belt with the formal pants, and it will simply be pressed and beaten in the street if you don’t wear it well, but with Chinos, the overall tendency is to stylize, which will make the modeling look different.

3. Jeans-jeans

Jeans are almost the most commonly worn pants, and many people wear jeans all year round.

There are many styles of jeans, many of which have become household names and pop culture icons, so how to choose from them is really an art.

Many people are complaining that jeans are not in shape after they are bought, in fact, to tell you that this is an unwritten rule among manufacturers: in order to prevent jeans from shrinking or to reduce the return rate, jeans are often marked with a size that is much larger than the actual size.

A pair of jeans labeled 34 yards can actually brush out 38 yards of data in the actual measurement, so you can imagine how unbearable it is for people to wear the pants they bought in their own size.

4. Sweatpants-Sweatpants

According to scientists, wearing jeans for long periods of time can cause the temperature of the male core to rise.

It is recommended to buy legging sweatpants, so that not only do you not have to tie the waistband but also a wide range of uses. Not only can you wear them at home, go out and take out the garbage, or even run and work out, you don’t need to change your pants, but they also look a little handsome and belong to the essential basics.

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