Which Shirt Is A Must-have In Every Man’s Closet?

If you don’t have a shirt, then sorry, you are a man without a serious social life.

Whether you wear it once a year or every day, the shirt is shaping your personal style and is the cornerstone of the overall dressing style. The collar and cufflinks that are quietly revealed at the neck and cuffs identify the owner’s taste, and it has to be worn close to the body, so it is important to choose a shirt that suits you.

A basic shirt should meet the following 3 basic requirements.

The right style: The cut is right so that it fits perfectly into the jacket and shapes the details inside and out, and the collar and sleeves should be of a style that can be worn for most occasions.

Fabric comfort: because to wear close to the body, so the fabric determines the degree of comfort of wearing the shirt, choose the best quality fabric you can accept the price within the right, after all, is responsible for their own skin.

Color fit: color try to do with the surrounding people wearing similar colors, not too jump, for example, in the bank to try to choose white shirts, in the Internet startups, then it is red, orange, yellow and green casual wear, anyway, you always want to turn the world upside down, it is not bad this one.

As a basic model, the following shirts are essential for every man’s closet.

No. 1: Dress Shirts – formal shirts

When wearing formal wear, the shirt is necessary to take inside, this kind of general with the formal wear of the shirt also has a proper noun, called Dress Shirts, it is recommended that every guy needs at least one basic style of a formal shirt, used to take the formal suit inside.

The choice of a formal shirt should be divided into the following aspects to see.


Generally divided into Slim, Classic, Full and other types of cut, which Slim more closely fit the body shape, waist thin, Classic-cut more relaxed, but the difference between different brands, Full waist more relaxed, longer hem, more suitable for taller and fatter people wear, should be in accordance with their own body shape to choose if you can choose Slim best.

The fit of the shirt can be verified through the following key points.

After fastening the top button, the gap between the collar and the neck should be able to accommodate the next finger, and the collar should not turn with the neck when it is turned, representing too tight, much less too loose, or the collar will reveal proud chest hair.

After wearing the shirt and tying the hem into the pants, the part above the belt should be flat and not piled up, and the part tied into the pants should not hold up the pants, also be flat.

The sleeves need to be the right size and length, after tying the cufflinks, bending the arms will not be tight, and can not form a pile, that proves to buy fat. The length of the sleeves should just reach the tiger’s mouth position, wearing formal wear, hands naturally down when the shirt cuffs should be slightly exposed cuffs about 1 cm.

Collar shape:

Collar type is the first impression of the shirt presented to people, you need to choose a good fit for your collar type. If the collar type can be divided into dozens of details, three common collar types: Straight (pointed collar | classic collar), Spread (open collar | Windsor collar), and Button Down (button collar), the more recommended basic Dress Shirts collar type there are two: Straight and Spread.

It is recommended for men with round faces and short necks to choose a pointed collar, which can lengthen the proportion of the face and make it look slimmer.

It is also the most formal type of collar, which can cover any occasion, whether you are the President, or the GodFather, there is no problem.

The open corner collar has a strong sense of formality, and can well show the texture of the tie, with a strong British style, it is recommended that the face is thinner and the neck is longer choose a Spread open corner collar, so that their face and neck proportion looks smaller, the details of the tie in the open corner collar is very clear, provided that you have a good tie.

Sleeve type:

Sleeve type is also a detail that needs attention, basic common basic sleeve type is divided into Standard and French, Standard refers to the sleeve with its own button closure, generally ranging from one to many, the more buttons the more formal.

Of course, the most formal and traditional is French, which means that the sleeves are closed by special cufflinks. There is no absolute difference between these two types of sleeves, except that French Cuffs can repeatedly do the action of finishing the cuffs.

No. 2: Oxford Shirts – Oxford shirts

The concept of Oxford Shirts is often confused with Button Down in collar type, but in fact, the two are not a dimensional concept, just like I am asking: what are the basic shoes that guys need?

Oxford Shoes and Brogue Shoes are the same: one refers to the way the upper is joined, and the other refers to the carved pattern on the upper, so you can shout out to a pair of leather shoes with both carved patterns and triple joints: Brogue Oxford Shoes!

Similarly, Oxford Shirts refers to the British Oxford University students in order to fight the wind of flashy dress, to put it bluntly, because poor specifically developed a shirt made of Oxford spun fabric; and Button Down refers to the collar tip with two buttons, is a certain B-head brand in the United States invented the collar style, so a certain shirt is Button Down Oxford Shirts.

Oxford Shirts are designed for students since their inception, so the use of the scene is more on the life and campus, simple to wear to look youthful and attractive.

You should pay special attention to Plaid Shirt, why do you always say that Plaid Shirt looks rustic? It is because the plaid shirt itself is a kind of imitation of Scottish tweed retro pattern, so it is very easy to wear like a kind of potatoes, if really like plaid, also try not to choose a variety of colors mixed with the traditional plaid, please try to choose the same color, size uniform dark and light color plaid shirt, not easy to make mistakes.

Polka dot shirt as Bob Dylan in 1966 to verify the single product, also as an alternative, just try not to choose too small too dense polka dots, easy to trigger the viewer’s dense phobia.

Also, the hot print in recent years, the small animals, small flowers and grass, camouflage pattern printed on the shirt fabric, belong to the more fancy style, the occasion and the crowd is extremely limited, extremely picky people, and not recommended as a basic purchase.

No. 3: Denim Shirts – Denim shirts

Denim shirts, in essence, are no different from Oxford shirts, but the fabric is different and more debauched, so it is not recommended to wear on any slightly serious occasions.

For example, if you are attending an offline dating party, you can wear a very distinctive Oxford shirt to show your personality, but wearing a denim shirt will look a bit rude.

Because in the eyes of many people who wear denim tops are like this, with big tattoos and riding big horses and motorcycles. Of course, it’s not that denim shirts are bad, but because they are a stylized garment that is only good for showing that little emotion in your heart and are not serious enough.

If you put on a pair of camouflage pants and then bring a woolen hat, it is obvious that in various music festivals in front of the metal stage crazy POGO was broken a few ribs to the emergency medical care of young people. It is usually not recommended to wear denim on top and bottom unless you really think your legs are too long, the denim fabric looks heavy, the visual weight of the upper body will be magnified, the center of gravity sinks, which is not conducive to pulling up the waistline.

Unless you want to take a serious American workwear look, shirt tied into the pants, with leather straps and duck-tongued hat, noon out to eat a meal immediately back to the factory to start work, the afternoon also has to repair three tractors. For the real artist, the clothes do not break, no point of paint on the body is impossible.

Of course, if you like denim shirts and do not want to be too stylized, there are also more casual ways to wear them, do not tie the button with Tee, Chinos, and Chucks, is not so strong. The top button is fastened and the tie or necktie is tied, so you can actually wear a little serious feeling. With a sweater, there is actually a bit of bookishness.

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