Counselling For Toads: A Psychological Adventure

No one can make you unhappy, except yourself.

Book Name: Counselling For Toads A Psychological Adventure

Author: Robert de Board


Mr. Toad has always loved to laugh and laugh, but now he is uncharacteristically depressed, he hides alone in the house and does not even have the strength to get up and freshen up. His friends were so worried about him that they suggested he go to counseling.

During the 10 counseling sessions, Toad bravely explores his inner world under the guidance of his counselor, Heron, and gradually finds confidence and hope.

In this book, the author uses the interaction between Toad and the counselor Heron to explore where Toad’s inferiority complex, weakness, show-off personality, and depression really come from, allowing the reader to see the profound impact of childhood experiences on personality and how one can truly grow up psychologically and live independently, confidently, and hopefully.

Everyone has the ability to become better, the person who can help you is yourself, and only yourself.

Book Review:

Today we recommend this book “Counselling For Toads A Psychological Adventure”, if you feel that the whole person is not good, often feel a particularly sad mood or two or three o’clock in the morning can not sleep, do anything can not be energized, you will not be alone when inexplicably depressed, often by the huge sense of meaninglessness, feel that life is also A mess? Then, you may be depressed, have you thought about going to see a psychiatrist?

If you don’t know whether you want to see a psychiatrist or not, then this book can be read when you are depressed and may be able to heal you like a psychiatrist.

This is an introductory book to counseling, which is a no-brainer, but definitely enlightening read. When we are sad, depressed, painful, and angry, when we are bossy and arbitrary, have you ever thought about the deep-seated reasons for the formation of these personalities and emotions?

When reading, you are like in senior counseling, will help you find the root cause of inner vulnerability and unhappiness,

The book opens with a sad toad, his eyes half-open and dark. The first thing he says when he meets his friend at home is “Hello, it’s a bit messy, I’m sorry, but I’m not feeling well at all.” After that, he burst into tears.

God, this is so true of Toad. I’m not feeling well, what can I do?

The story is about Mr. Toad’s friend who suggested he go to counseling, and how Mr. Toad, who was depressed, regained the meaning of his life through ten counseling sessions.

The greatest inspiration to me is that through the process of each counseling session, Mr. Toad projected himself, analyzed himself, and examined himself.

I understood the concept of the “trinity of self-state”. The “trinity” refers to the three states of personality, namely parental state, child state, and adult state, which exist in almost everyone and everyone acts in one or more of these three states from time to time.

Understanding these three states allows us to have a better perception of our personality or state, establish a logical distinction between them, and identify and switch between them so that we can better manage our emotions and adjust our state.

About what I learned after reading it:

1. Learning to face emotions, control emotions, and have negative emotions is a very normal thing. There are negative emotions, you can choose to vent, but not be overly immersed in them.

2. Learn to decompose their emotions, and find the reason behind them.

3. Learn to stand up “self”, to be confident, you should be an active participant in life, and do not want to sit and wait to be taught. Confidence is to learn to accept, accept their own shortcomings, accept the shortcomings of others, and accept the diversity of the world.

To become your true self, you must set your true self free from the shackles of your past experiences.


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