Maybe You Should Talk To Someone: A Therapist, HER Therapist, And Our Lives Revealed

Don’t be afraid to reveal yourself, we are loved for our authenticity.

Book Name: Maybe You Should Talk To Someone

Author: Lori Gottlieb


This is a psychotherapist’s memoir of what happens in the consultation room.

It is in this small, confined space that people reveal their truest and most vulnerable sides; it is also here that people gain companionship and a listening ear, as well as valuable awareness, growth, and change.

In the book, we will see the stories of four visitors, who are

A Hollywood producer in his forties, with a successful career and a self-righteous attitude that everyone around him is stupid.

A thirty-something female college teacher who was diagnosed with a terminal illness just after her new marriage and whose days are numbered.

A sixty-nine-year-old woman who has been divorced three times feels lonely and desperate and claims that if her life doesn’t get better she will commit suicide on her seventieth birthday.

A twenty-something girl with family-of-origin trauma and an alcohol problem who is frequently frustrated in love.

Meanwhile, there is a fifth person in the book who seeks help: the therapist herself. She was a single working mother who was in her forties when she fell out of love and almost broke down.

A friend said to her, “Maybe you should talk to someone,” so she found herself a psychotherapist. When she switched to the position of a visitor and sat on another psychotherapist’s couch to talk about her inner vulnerability and sadness, she could feel more why psychotherapy has the power to heal and change.

Book Review:

Being born as a human being is always not easy.

And failure and loss are part of being born human.

Amazon’s Best Biographies and Memoirs 2019 “Maybe You Should Talk To Someone” tells the life stories of five interviewees in a psychotherapy room, with compassion and understanding, but also with unparalleled honesty and reason about the common issues of loving and being loved, regret, choice, control, uncertainty, and death.

After graduating from college, author Lori Gottlieb went to work for NBC in Hollywood on several of the biggest shows of the 1990s, working alongside big stars like George Clooney.

One Sunday, Lori, who was gathering material for a script, followed an emergency doctor to a county hospital, where she happened to witness the tragic complications of diabetes. When a patient with a necrotic limb held her hand in turn and comforted her as she fought back vomiting, she experienced a shock like nothing she had ever experienced in her Hollywood career.

While it would indeed make a wonderful story in “ER Story,” within that thousandth of a second, Lori knew she would never work for that show again – she decided to study medicine.

There was something about the personal experience that captivated her and made the made-up story seem so thin: instead of shoving the stories she witnessed back into the TV show, she wanted her world to be full of real life and real people.

There may be an epic story in everyone’s heart, and it exists in a “tangle of burdens and desires”. Those people in Lori’s story who are struggling and trying to be better are actually ourselves.


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