Weisse Magie:Die Epoche des Papiers

It is white magic and the art of God; it is not only history, but also the great future of civilization.

Book Name:Weisse Magie

Author: Lothar Muller


With the current urban people’s fragmented time is occupied by a large number of electronic products, newspapers, and books printing with a declining proportion of paper, many people are not optimistic about the fate of traditional paper, or, many people also have little understanding of the history of paper.

The Cultural History of Paper is a comprehensive cultural monograph on the history of paper from its birth to its development around the world.

Using the raw materials and technological evolution of paper as a guide, the book explores in detail and with great interest, the various areas in which paper has been used, from history, politics, economics, and literature to the daily lives of people, as the author details the relationships between people and paper and considers the key values behind these relationships.

It is not just a technical history, but also an economic, political, and artistic one.

The book’s author, Lothar Muller, is German literature and historian, professor emeritus at Humboldt University, associate editor of the South German Times, and former editor-in-chief of the literary newsletter section of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. He was awarded the Alfred Kerr Prize for Literary Criticism in 2000 and the Johann Heinrich Merk Prize in 2008.

The Washington Post described The Cultural History of Paper as “a comprehensive and macroscopic work of literary history. In today’s world of electronic media, this book may help you rediscover the essence of culture that we all need.


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