Avocados Stand Aside, Kale Is The New Favorite Of Fashionistas

A new favorite on the menus of Hollywood’s biggest stars.

Now is an era of national weight loss, national fitness, the most highly respected diet nowadays, should be considered light food, light food this statement is not so much a way of eating, rather than a philosophy of life, it must be food, must be very healthy, but also must be a positive sunny attitude to life.

Avocado as a representative of light food once swept the table, and after it, there is a vegetable silently take over, the most interesting thing is that this plant was once just as a potted plant silently lurking in the plant world until its food value was discovered, and quickly became the new favorite on the menu of major Hollywood stars.

Supermodel Bella Hadid is a big fan of it, her fridge is full of it except for a few bottles of fresh juice.

Kate Winslet has been secretly photographed visiting the grocery market with a large bundle of it in her hand.

Not only that, Miranda Kerr many goddesses are very enthusiastic about, with it as an ingredient fruit and vegetable juice.

What is such a powerful food in the end? Let’s take you to know it right away – kale.

As the best vegetable recommended by the World Health Organization, it is known as the “king of vegetables” and has surpassed the avocado in terms of the number of words on INS.

Kale is very nutritious and contains 10% calcium, which is the highest among vegetables, especially worth mentioning is that it contains calcium, which is absorbed by the body at a higher rate than milk.

As the new favorite of the European and American fitness scene, its nutritional strength should not be underestimated, 130g of cooked kale calories is less than 40 calories, can provide the body’s daily needs of 5% protein, 9% calcium, and 6-7% iron, and the same calorie beef protein content, but the iron content is three times the same calorie beef, and calcium content is even four times the same calorie beef.

According to research, it can reduce the cholesterol hardening process by 13% than prescription drugs, with apples and pineapples, the cholesterol reduction effect is even better, as one of the 50 healthiest foods on earth, it is rich in carotenoids, is the “queen of fruits” kiwi fruit 5 times, vitamin K content is the highest of all plants, for It has the highest vitamin K content of any plant, more than 300 times that of apples, and 6.7 times more than the human body needs.

And as a fellow cabbage, it has the same powerful antioxidant phytochemicals as other Brassica plants, such as indoles, which prevent breast, cervical and intestinal cancers.

Kale is divided into horticultural ornamental and edible types, edible to green kale, although the ornamental type can also be edible, some varieties taste sour and not delicious, and because it is not used for eating, so it is inevitable that pesticides will be used to avoid pest problems, consumption may be poisoned.

As a food, however, it is not perfect and may contain goitrogens or cause swelling of the thyroid gland, so people with an underactive thyroid should avoid it. It should also be consumed in moderation by people who suffer from oxalate kidney stones.

So how exactly should it be eaten? First, of course, a salad. Combined with avocado and quinoa as a superfood, it couldn’t be more perfect.

Second, of course, is kale juice, whether, apples, pineapples, or bananas are great choices, but you can also wash it and bake it in the oven, the perfect little slimming snack kale crisps are complete.

Finally, you can even use all your imagination and pair it with whatever ingredients you want to make a soup, burger, or even a sauce.

How do you make kale taste good? Or do you have a better workout food to recommend? Come share them with us!

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