Filter, French Press, Cold Brew …… Which One Do You Prefer The Most?

Making coffee becomes a discipline because it directly affects the flavor of the coffee.

Just like audiophiles of records, coffee lovers count on every detail.

1. Filter brewing

In today’s cafes and homes, the filter paper brewing method is the most mainstream way to brew coffee. The simple tools, the slow process, and the coffee aroma emitted after brewing give it a sense of ritual, a process that requires skill and patience.

2. Flannel Filter Cloth

Before the popularity of filter paper, people used flannel. The slits of flannel filters are slightly thicker than filter paper, making it easier to extract the oils in the coffee and softer in taste. However, flannel drip is slower than filter paper, and the procedure is more complicated, and of course more interesting for enthusiasts.

3. French Press Pot

The French press pot is derived from black tea utensils, and its metal filter allows the oil in the coffee beans not to be completely filtered out, and the brewed coffee contains a lot of coffee oil, which is the reason why many people like it. This will make good coffee more delicious, and likewise, difficult coffee will be more difficult to drink, so it is especially important to use good quality coffee beans.

4. Syphon Pot

It uses the principle of steam pressure to send hot water from the flower pot into the upper pot, and this extraction process can be clearly watched, full of visual fun and full of live effects. The siphon extraction method is more difficult to control the heat and temperature, but the brewed coffee has a high bitterness, smooth throat, and soft taste.

5. Moka Pot

Variable and full of design, the direct-fire coffee pot can brew without electricity or gas, especially suitable for hiking and outdoor activities. Moka pots can brew the closest espresso to espresso machines, but it is more difficult to control the temperature and the time for water to pass through the coffee powder. Without an espresso machine, you can also use a Moka pot to make espresso-like strength and flavor.

6. Espresso Machines

An espresso machine uses very finely ground, deep-roasted coffee beans with high-pressure steam to extract the coffee. The bitter espresso brewed in this way has the aroma and flavor of the coffee beans coalesced into a single, mellow mouthful. Steam can also be used to stir the milk to make a variety of fancy coffees.

7. Hot extraction and cold extraction

The above brewing with hot water, also known as “hot extraction”. In the opposite way, cold extraction coffee is made by soaking ground coffee beans in cold water for more than 12 hours and then extracting and filtering them through cold extraction coffee barrels and other appliances. The low temperature and long steeping time makes cold brew coffee less bitter and acidic, and at the same time, the aromatic substances in the coffee are also less.

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