How Else Can You Drink Coffee Beside Coffee Houses?

Coffee is probably the drink that can be enjoyed in most ways, and different forms of coffee meet different needs and make the situation of drinking coffee rich.

Coffee Houses

Of course, there is always a café to go to. 1554 saw the birth of the world’s first coffee shop in Istanbul, the capital of the Ottoman Empire, and in 1652, the first café in London was well received, sparking a café boom in Europe and gradually making coffee popular around the world. To this day, coffee shops have long since become a distinct form of store, separate from the category of food and beverage or retail.

Locket Coffee

This is a portable coffee similar to bagged tea. It seems to be a simple idea, but in fact, it is only 16 years old, and the inventor is also UCC (Upper Island Coffee). Compared to bagged tea, the roasted coffee powder needs to be packed in a filter bag filled with inert gas, so its practice is a little more complicated. You can think of it as the “middle ground” between hand-brewed coffee and instant coffee.

Capsule Coffee

In 1969, Ujima Coffee (UCC) first sold coffee in cans in Japan. Along with the creation of tens of thousands of convenience stores and vending machines, canned coffee became the easiest way for people to access coffee. In Japan, the average person drinks 100 cans per year. Today, sales of canned coffee, which is sold as “premium coffee beans,” are growing the fastest, and even though it is a product of convenience and cheapness, people are beginning to demand quality.

Canned Coffee

Ground and roasted coffee powder is quickly sealed into a capsule with inert gas, and a special coffee machine is used to inject high-pressure, high-temperature water vapor into the capsule, resulting in a capsule coffee. It is convenient, and because the capsules are well sealed, the taste is also stronger and the quality of each cup of coffee is consistent. Capsule coffee is often found in offices, but now, more and more people will have a capsule coffee machine at home.

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