How To Eat Breakfast For Weight Loss?

Quick and nutritious breakfast.

1. Nutrition with scientific and reasonable

Breakfast has at least three types of food: staple food, vegetables, and protein.

The staple food is rich in carbohydrates, can provide the body with sufficient glucose, vegetables are rich in dietary fiber, but also can delay the rise of blood sugar, the right amount of staple food and sufficient vegetables to help maintain blood sugar stability, reduce the situation of hypoglycemia so that the whole morning work is full of energy.

Coarse and fine staple foods and vegetables, rich in dietary fiber, can occupy the volume of the stomach, increase satiety, can also provide the body with rich vitamin C and minerals; in addition, sufficient protein can prolong the feeling of satiety, but also conducive to weight control.

2. Colorful appetite

At least three colors for breakfast every day, so that people look appetizing, in addition to colorful food is also very rich in nutrition, such as broccoli, okra rich in calcium, tomatoes, purple potatoes, blueberries rich in the antioxidant lycopene, anthocyanins, pumpkin, carrots rich in antioxidant beta-cucurbitacin.

3. Quick hands let you save time

Foods like whole-wheat bread, skim milk, small sage fruits, oatmeal, unsweetened yogurt, unsweetened soy milk powder are readily available, and foods like purple potatoes, yams, groundnuts, corn, and poached eggs are simply steamed.

Vegetables like broccoli, okra, diced mixed vegetables, spinach, are basically blanched in boiling water, drizzled with vinaigrette, low-fat salad dressing, and sprinkled with pepper and sea salt seasoning mix.

Tomato and egg soup, clear soup noodles, coordinated time can also be done within 15 minutes, such as cutting tomatoes when you can first boil the water, fried tomatoes can stir beaten eggs, prepare starch.

4. The ingredients are easy to prepare, interchangeable, and flexible

Some of the storage resistant ingredients mentioned in Mr. Ku’s recipes can be purchased centrally, such as sugar-free whole wheat bread, purple rice buns, diced vegetables, shrimp, frozen and eaten with microwave, steam, or boil, simply too convenient.

For example, purple potatoes, groundnuts, pumpkins, directly stored in a cool place for a few months are no problem, and then oatmeal, skim milk, unsweetened soy milk powder, nuts shelf life is even longer.

As for the intolerant storage of various vegetables and fruits, refrigerator refrigeration, a week to finish eating is no problem at all.

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