How To Give A Wine Lover The Perfect Gift?

It’s best to send the right one.

1. If the other party knows a lot about wine, how should I choose?

You may think, the other party knows a lot about wine, then I choose the wine he will not be able to pick out the problems? In fact, not necessarily, I think, for people who know wine, in fact, what you choose, he will be happy. To choose a wine for someone who knows wine, you just need to go to a regular specialty store and say to the guide, “Please recommend to me the most representative wine, preferably a characteristic grape variety from a well-known region”.

2. What should I choose if the person is a young lady?
The best choice, in my opinion, is rosé wine. Rosé wines look good and are usually very refreshing, with strawberry and cherry flavors, which are perfect for young ladies’ palates, as they prefer a fresh and fruity style, and more importantly, the color of rosé wines is especially suitable for photos, so you can kill two birds with one stone in terms of taste needs and social needs.

3. If the other party is a man how to choose?
I suggest that you can focus on two grape varieties made of wine, one is Cabernet Sauvignon, one is Syrah, it is best to go through the oak barrel aging.
Simply tell the guide at the wine shop that you need a barrel-aged Cabernet Sauvignon or Syrah. These two grape varieties make fuller tasting red wines, and with oak barrel aging, the aromas are richer and more suitable for men.

4. What should I choose for celebratory occasions?
I think champagne or sparkling wine is a particularly good choice, champagne taste is generally more refreshing, usually with a thin and tall champagne glasses to drink, but also when the wine can be opened with a “bang”, a very celebratory effect.

5. What should I do if the other party is a couple?
The best thing to do is to choose a specific vintage, for example, if the couple got married in 2013, it makes sense to buy a bottle of 2013. If you can’t find a wine from the year they got married, you can choose a wine from the year they met. If you can’t find a wine from the year they met, you can also find a wine from the year their children were born.

6. What if the person is elderly?
The main reason elderly people drink wine is their health needs. Wine has certain sleep-aiding effects and, when consumed properly, can also play a role in softening blood vessels.

So to choosing wine for the elderly, first, it is best to choose red wine, because the tannins of red wine have more health effects; second, it is best to choose dry wine, most elderly people do not like sweet things too much.

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