What Fruits Are Good For The Middle-Aged And Elderly?

Middle-aged and elderly people need to pay more attention to their diet as many of their body functions start to go downhill due to their age.

1. Strawberry

Strawberries can mediate the secretion of stomach acid, promote intestinal peristalsis, usually eat more strawberries can improve the symptoms of indigestion.

2. kiwi

Kiwifruit contains a large number of natural sugar alcohol substances inositol, can effectively regulate sugar metabolism, regulation of intracellular hormones and nerve conduction effects, reduce the blood sugar of diabetic patients, the prevention of diabetes and depression has a unique effect.

3. Grapes

Grapes contain trace elements of potassium, which can promote the excretion of sodium within the body and lower blood pressure. The elderly in ordinary life to eat more grapes can prevent hypertension disease, but grapes are sugar, diabetic patients or try to eat less.

4. Mangosteen

The nutritional value of mangosteen is very high, can supplement the human body with a variety of vitamins and minerals, eliminate the cholesterol in the human blood, the elderly usually eat more mangosteen, which can reduce the occurrence of atherosclerosis, and hyperlipidemia.

5. Snow lotus fruit

Snow lotus fruit has high nutritional value, is rich in trace elements can regulate blood, lower blood sugar, blood lipids, and cholesterol, prevention, and treatment of hypertension and diabetes, regular consumption can also improve the human immune system.

6. Loquat

The nutritional value of loquat is also very high, and the fruit has the effect of moistening the lungs, relieving cough and thirst. Normally, you can also make loquat meat into canned fruit or wine to drink, the taste is delicious. But it should be noted that the loquat needs to be peeled when eating.

7. Grapefruit

Grapefruit has an effect on the stomach and lung, blood, and intestines, and has a good auxiliary effect on septicemia. In addition, grapefruit contains physiologically active substances dermatosis, which can reduce the viscosity of blood, reduce the formation of blood clots, and prevent cardiovascular disease.

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