Wines Associated With Celebrities

Whether they were philosophers or thinkers, they all had a connection with wine.

“Gentlemen, please note that we are not only fighting for France, but also for Champagne.

When you hear these words, you may think that they are the words of a Champagne man who is trying to protect his region, but they are actually the words of a famous figure during the Second World War. British Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

Churchill was a man of many hobbies, a cigar smoker and a wine drinker, so successful that he had a cigar model named after him.

Churchill was also very fond of drinking and was involved in a variety of types of wine, including red Bordeaux, port, and whiskey. However, he bought the most champagne from Paul Rothschild, which he drank every day for lunch and dinner, resulting in spending half of his annual income on wine.

After Churchill’s death, Paul Rothschild named its high-end product “Pol Roger Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill” as a tribute to Churchill.

After Churchill, let’s talk about another famous Englishman, the famous playwright, and poet Shakespeare. The British royal family was particularly fond of a famous Spanish wine called sherry. Shakespeare tasted sherry at a royal banquet and liked it so much that he made a famous scientific statement: “Sherry is Spanish sunshine in a bottle”.

Since then, Shakespeare has been hooked on sherry and drank it every day. Shakespeare mentioned sherry in many of his works, and in his play Henry IV, there is this description: “Even if I had a thousand sons, as the first principle of men, I would teach them to drink sherry.

Sherry can be said to have accompanied Shakespeare throughout his life. I heard that before he died, he even drank a lot of it with a few friends.

He was a plantation owner, businessman, jurist, and one of the drafters of the Declaration of Independence, and was the U.S. ambassador to France before becoming president. While he was ambassador, he fell in love with wine, and by drinking and learning more, he added another title to his slash life: that of the most famous wine critic of the 18th century.

In 1787, when he visited Bordeaux, he fell in love with Château Lafite, which was already very hot, and took advantage of Jefferson’s fame. 1985 Christie’s auction in London, a 1787 Lafite signed by Jefferson was auctioned off by the owner of Forbes magazine for £105,000.

Since there are celebrities who like to drink wine, there are celebrities who like to invest in wine, so let’s talk about some celebrities’ investments in wine.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, once a married couple, have a joint venture with a famous French wine family in Provence, southern France, called Chateau Miraval.

Apart from being famous for its lavender, Provence is also a world-renowned rosé wine region. Chateau Miraval’s rosé is so impressive that the industry’s leading magazine, Wine Spectator, named it the best rosé in the world.

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