Care Of Lantana In Winter And Spring

it is very important to maintain and manage this time of the year if you want to keep the five-color plum well.

1. Lantana is a long sunshine sunny plant, needs strong light

Cultivation plots should be selected in a sunlight sufficient place. The best soil is fertile humus, and the most suitable temperature is 20℃-30℃. Frost and snowfall should be covered with light-permeable frost protection material, if you can cultivate the best indoor bright window because the temperature is below 3 ℃ or no sunlight for a long time, the leaves will turn black, or even the whole plant died.

In the absence of frost-proof conditions, you can cultivate thick soil at the roots, even when encountering frost, branches, and leaves frozen, the roots can also stock, once the weather turns warm, with sufficient moisture, and can grow up vigorously.

2. Lantana grows vigorously from late spring to autumn, so it should be built frequently to keep the tree in a beautiful shape.

Pruned-down branches can be cut with seedlings. The vigorous growth, flowering period, and seedling period should be watered often.

In winter, the main attention should be paid to cold and frost protection, if in the closed balcony and greenhouse overwintering, it can be managed according to the routine, not only to keep the branches and leaves evergreen and constantly flowering, and cuttings and seedlings can be taken at any time.

3. Some people think that Lantana must often move place so that it receives sun exposure to grow well.

But in my experience or environmental stability, to maintain a constant temperature for the number.

In Winter and spring if the indoor cultivation has insufficient light, do not have to move often. If it is in a place with low temperature, poor ventilation, and low light, or after several days of rainy weather and insufficient light, once the weather clears and warms up, it is necessary to move it to the sun and then move it back indoors at night to prevent freezing.

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