Four Considerations For Transplanting Flowers In Spring

You need to pay attention to the method of transplanting flowers.

Many plants grow very vigorously in the spring, so you need to pay attention to the method of transplanting flowers and trees, otherwise, it is easy to kill them in the process of transplanting.

1. Bring the root-soil

The transplanting with root-soil can hide a large part of the roots in the soil so that they fall into the ground that is long. Avoid using bare roots, or pinching the soil very solid. Bare roots lose water and dry out, so it is not easy to survive, and even if it does, it grows very slowly. Root clay pinch too tight, the flower beard easy to hurt, poor vitality.

2. To half a pot of soil

Potted flowers and trees, it is appropriate to use a large half pot of soil, flowers planted down, watering is easy to store the water. The soil is full, and the water will flow off once poured, not easy to pour to the roots, flowers, and trees absorb less water.

3. To be planted to mao

Flowering trees into the pot should be planted, generally into the soil six or seven centimeters. Planted too deep, poorly developed, and rooted often in the bottom of the pot. Mao planting can be rooted in the soil so that it absorbs enough nutrients and grows vigorously.

4. To soil clean

Some people planted flowers to fertilize the base very much, or planted on the fertilizer so that the potting soil is extremely unclean. No live flowers once polluted, potting soil is easy to ferment, often rotten, it is best to wait for the flowers and trees to live before fertilizing better.

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