How Long Can The Succulent Be In The Sun After Potting

Proper sunlight helps succulents grow.

Now more and more flower friends to raise succulent plants is no longer blind, but prepared to care, today we will talk about how long after the succulent potted sun, in fact, this involves a slow seedling process, and for balcony people to raise succulent plants, this process is very important, because the slow seedling is not good, behind the succulent plants directly bad, more and more withered, and then re-processed on the pot, forming a vicious circle.

Generally speaking, about 1 week after the succulent potted sun, but not directly into the sun in a well-lit place, but gradually, we briefly talk about the process of buying back the succulent plant potted.

Newly bought succulent plants, we will first clean off the old soil of the root system, you can swing the root back and forth in the water basin, when you see the white root system can be, it is not recommended to use the tap to rinse.

After washing off the old soil, we can properly trim the roots, cut off some withered roots, if you think the roots are very healthy, you do not need to cut, the following is the disinfection, the conditions of the flower friends can use potassium permanganate, polymyxin, chlorothalonil and other solutions soak, no also can not soak!

Then the succulent plants will be placed in a cool place to dry, do not take too long to feel the roots are not water on it, generally about 2 hours on the line, then it is potted, potted succulents do not need to water, here to explain, potting soil, to use the tide of soil, is the kind of moisture, but not a high water content state, potted, the succulent plants will be placed in a place of diffused light on it, do not move in the slow process.

About a week later, you can water and gradually give light, if the soil is dry, you can lightly spray some water, or give a little bit of water along the edge of the pot, to keep the soil a little bit of water can be.

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