How To Maintain The Moss Micro Landscape At Home?

Moss micro landscape, nature in a bottle.

How to maintain the moss micro landscape at home?

What do you think of when you hear “moss”? Is it the layer of green fuzzy plants in the rocks and crevices? Or that little layer of green stuff on the roof tiles after the rain?

In recent years, more and more people are playing with moss, turning it into a landscape on their desks, and these plants and rocks with moss are becoming more and more advanced.

It looks like a piece of green, but this little green thing also has many faces. Examples are the common white hair moss, big gray moss, big feather moss, and so on.

Although the moss is particularly hardy, the maintenance is not the way, the moss will also grow more and more yellow, increasing shrinkage.

1. Lighting

Many people think that moss likes a dark and humid environment, so it is not the right way to put it in a dark environment.

Moss needs some diffused light, not direct strong daylight, early morning dew and weak sunlight is the favorite of moss.

If the moss is placed in a condition where there is only light but no natural light, the moss will easily turn yellow after a long time. If it is moved to another place to recover, it should go through a transitional environment first to avoid the drastic change in the environment.

2. Humidity

Moss likes to reach 85% of air humidity, dry places are recommended to use smothering way, smothering moss should also be ventilated once or twice a day, each time control within an hour, spray water every five or six days.

In wetter areas, we can use the open culture method and replenish water once or twice a day as needed.

Moist does not mean that more water is better. Avoid waterlogging in the substrate. Standing water will rot the roots and leaves if the roots do not breathe. Spray water on moss for moisturizing, moss usually does not die when it is dry, but carries on a dormant state, and can recover soon after spraying water.

3. Temperature

The growing range of moss is 22-30°C, this growing environment will show green and vigorous moss, too low or too high moss will be dormant and gray-green color. The moss in the micro landscape is generally not frost-resistant, and the winter temperature can be kept above 5°C to be safe through the winter.

If you like to keep moss or have moss micro landscape at home, you must pay attention to the unstable environment of the dry and wet or sudden drop of temperature, which will make the moss surface leaf tip part dry and whitish, so it is also important to keep the light and humidity stable.

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