How To Raise Succulent Plants To Burst The Pot?

Succulents are very good to keep.

First, choose a good variety

Succulent plants to care for bursting, you can choose easy to burst varieties, such as Ji Qiuli, Ji Hazuki, red wisdom lily, Tia, etc., care to burst easier.

Second, the heart to cut off the head

Succulents also have apical dominance, so to promote potting, you can remove the heart, the heart of the leaf part of the destruction, which can promote the sprouting of side shoots grow, and so the side shoots grow larger, you can form a potting scene. For some of the succulent not easy to grow side branches, you can directly cut off the head, cut off the top branches can also be cut next to improve the speed of potting.

Third, sufficient light

Most succulents like sunlight, only to ensure sufficient light to promote rapid growth, so that the growth of strong, can also promote the pot, so should be kept in a well-lit location, in addition to appropriate shade in the summer, the remaining three seasons to more sunshine.

Four, supplemental fertilizer

Fertilizer is also a very important factor, in the potting should be applied to the base fertilizer, the potting can not ignore the base fertilizer, the late growth phase, must pay attention to the follow-up fertilizer.

Five, drug sprouting

If you want to achieve potting as soon as possible, with the help of drugs, you can buy a sprouting agent, applied to the stalk of succulent plants, which can promote the sprouting of a large number of side shoots, as soon as possible to achieve potting. However, improper use may lead to deformities, so it is not recommended.

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