How To Safely Winterize Succulents?

Follow the 4 ways to do it, the succulent you raise will definitely survive next spring.

1. Low Temperature
Succulent sounds meat thought it would be resistant to freezing, but it is just fat, succulent is actually a very cold plant, general varieties of succulent winter maintenance temperature can not be lower than 5 degrees Celsius, it is best to raise it in the temperature of 15 degrees Celsius above zero, which can effectively let the succulent growth.

2. More water
The succulent is afraid of water plants, summer do not need to water too much, not to mention the winter, if you accidentally watering water, or low-temperature state, minutes will let the succulent rotten roots want to save can not save, regret are too late.

If the maintenance temperature is higher than 15 degrees Celsius above zero, you can control the watering once in 7-10 days, the northern partners can refer to this watering method.

As for the lower temperature, 15-20 days watering is fine, do not have to water thoroughly, along the edge of the potting soil watering a little bit on it, the pot of succulent would have been smaller, watering too much water is not easy to circulate, it is easy to rot the roots.

It is best to use lukewarm water every time you water, the tap water is colder, so you can dry it for a day before pouring it into the pot.

3.No light
The light time in winter is inherently shorter, which is not conducive to the growth of plants, so we must let the succulent supplement sufficient sunlight under the best possible conditions, placing the succulent on the balcony is the best choice.

If the succulent can not absorb photosynthesis, it will only grow into a scurrying monkey, and the leaves all green on the color, lost the original ornamental value, can not help but feel sorry for people.

4. Thick fertilizer
Winter temperatures are relatively low, most plants are dormant, so is succulent, so in the winter there is no need to fertilize the succulent, even if the home temperature is relatively high, there is no need to fertilize the succulent, it has entered a dormant period, there will be the self-repair effect, do not fertilize, the most important to save a life.

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