Newcomers Must Learn The 3 Kinds Of Succulent Pot Explosion Method

As long as you master these 3 methods below, propagating succulents will become exceptionally easy.

Succulents are a very easy plant to propagate, especially some novice succulents in the Sedum family. Each leaf of a succulent can grow into a new plant, rooting and sprouting in about a month, and growing into a new pot in 3 months.

1. leaf cuttings
The vast majority of succulent plants can be propagated by leaf cuttings because each of their leaves is full of water, the end of the leaf can grow roots and small buds, the most suitable for novice cultivation of succulent plants are jade tree, yellow li, autumn li, hazel moon, white peony, etc., these succulent plants have a basic chance of success in cultivating the leaves are more than 90%.

When choosing succulent leaves, you should pay attention to choosing the leaves that are robust and thick at the bottom, and the leaves can be twisted off directly by hand.

Picking off the leaves, first of all, the leaves should be placed in a shaded and ventilated place, to avoid being placed in a humid environment, or a place with sunlight.

Picking down the leaves in the shade and ventilation for a day or two, prepare succulent nutrient soil, or with peat soil and potting soil with, appropriate add river sand, without water, you can spray a little mist water on the soil surface, let it with a little moisture, after the leaves directly face up on the soil, the front of the leaves is the front of the long on the branches.

Flat on the soil surface of the leaves do not sun, put in a bright light and environment ventilation place, the temperature is kept between 18 ~ 25 degrees, do not water, and so the leaves slowly grow root system and small buds, some first grow small buds, some first grow root system, generally need a month’s time, grow small buds and root system, the leaves will slowly wither, and so small buds to about 1 ~ 2 cm, the leaves withered, can be transplanted.

2. Branch cuttings
Branch cuttings propagation is very simple, you can use the leaves at the bottom of the succulent branches to cuttings propagation, and the top branches can be cut off, also put in a ventilated shade to dry the wound, put 1~2 days, after preparing loose and fertile succulent nutrient soil.

After a day or two, the branches can be directly cut in the soil, the leaves should not be buried in the soil, and then placed in a bright and ventilated environment, and then watered after 5-7 days. After another week or two, the cuttings can slowly see the light.

3. Divided plant breeding
When the succulent grows more side shoots, and the side shoots grow to a size of more than 5 cm, you can propagate it by dividing it in spring and autumn, removing its soil, breaking the side shoots, which should also have a little root system, and afterward putting it in a ventilated and shaded place to dry the wound, and re-cultivating it with new soil after 1 day.

There are many succulents that grow in groups or easily grow side shoots that are suitable for propagation by division, such as Ji Xing Mei, Wan Nian Cao, Fo Jia Cao, Guanyin Lian, Hong Yu, Fifty Bell Jade, etc.

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