50 Healthy Habits To Change Yourself In 2022 Start Here

Be healthy, it’s priceless.

1. More about health

➊ Quit drinking, every sip makes one less smart person in the world.

➋ Quit smoking quit smoking, quit smoking! Quit smoking in the new year.

➌ Stop chewing betel nut.

➍ Make some health investments in yourself, such as getting the HPV vaccine and staying on top of your vitamin D supplements.

➎ having targeted cancer screenings after age 25.

➏ Take precautions by getting a flu shot every year.

➐ Have a full body checkup at least once a year.

➑ Getting your teeth cleaned and having a dental exam at least once a year.

➒ Get 7 to 9 hours of sleep a day; regularity and enough sleep are key.

➓ Challenge yourself to 1 or 2 new sports and try to get in touch with nature.

2. About good mood

➊ Get some sunshine, even if it’s only for 5 minutes.

➋ Exercise for 10 minutes, briskly walking, playing badminton, swimming.

➌ Hugging a loved one, family member, or pet near you for more than 10 seconds for better results.

➍ Try to record the little things in life that make you feel happy every day.

➎ It is useful to keep the corners of your mouth up and practice smiling in the mirror.

➏ Write down 1 good thing about yourself on a piece of paper and meditate “I’m a good person”.

➐ Observe that tree outside the window or take a walk downstairs to look at the clouds, with the emphasis on stopping for a moment.

➑ If you want to cry, find a quiet corner to try and allow yourself to feel the emotions of the moment.

➒ make 1 or 2 new friends, new social contacts will also cheer you up.

➓ Get a full night’s sleep and emotional stress will automatically decrease.

3. About eating well

➊ Eating a good breakfast will keep you full of energy throughout the day.

➋ Eat enough of 12 foods a day to get 25 ingredients a week, and eat a mixed diet to be healthier.

➌ pay attention to supplementing high-quality protein, giving preference to chicken, fish, shrimp, eggs, and milk.

➍ get a certain amount of good fat every day (such as a small handful of nuts) and feel better.

➎ It’s a good idea to eat enough vegetables for 1 pound a day, with more than half of them being dark green.

➏ Drink 1 cup of milk or yogurt every day for calcium no matter how old you are.

➐ Mix one-third to one-half of mixed grains and beans with white rice and cook it as mixed grains and beans rice.

➑ cooking with less salt, it is better to buy a salt-limiting spoon, healthy people can also choose low-sodium salt.

➒ steaming more and frying less.

➓ Eat as much as you can and make as much as you can, preferably with no leftovers.

4. About being healthy and thin

➊ A BMI of over 24 is considered overweight or obese, and you may not need to lose weight, but you can build muscle.

➋ A waist circumference of more than 90 cm for men and 85 cm for women should also be considered for weight loss

➌ In addition to a scale, a tape measure and mirror are needed to help you get an objective picture of your body shape, waist circumference, and size.

➍ A glass of water before meals can be used to change the order of eating, and dish-meat-staple food is also useful.

➎ losing weight is not the same as eating grass, one portion of meat and one portion of staple food with two portions of vegetables is the right ratio.

➏ Eating more natural foods (vegetables and fruits) and staying away from processed foods (drinks and sweets) will naturally reduce caloric intake.

➐ Choose the exercise you like and keep it for 5 days a week; for lack of time, try high-intensity interval exercise.

➑ It is important to sleep well; not enough sleep makes you more likely to be anxious and wants to eat.

➒ find a small partner to lose weight and exercise together, supervise each other and encourage each other for better results.

➓ Don’t be anxious about the numbers on the scale, there are fluctuations that are actually quite normal.

5. About good exercise

➊ No exercise habits don’t storm, really hurt the body. Slow and gradual.

➋ avoid sedentarily, every 1 hour, standing up and walking around for 2 minutes is useful.

➌ movement is beneficial, more movement is better, a moderate amount of effort, and it is important to adhere to.

➍ When you are not in a hurry, climb stairs instead of taking the elevator and ride a bicycle instead of riding a car.

➎ Jumping rope, running, Pamela …… are all fine, just choose the exercise you like.

➏ bad knees and a large weight base, and try swimming.

➐ remember to warm up and stretch before exercise, and remember to relax after exercise.

➑ remember to change into sports underwear before exercise for women

➒ If possible, slowly reach a moderate level of exercise of 150 minutes or more per week, with at least 2 muscle training sessions.

➓ Exercise also brings joy and a sense of well-being; try it when you are stressed.

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