A Brushing Habit That Hurts Your Teeth

hope everyone’s teeth are healthy.

A Brushing Habit That Hurts Your Teeth

Brushing teeth is something we all do every day.

However, there are many people who are afraid of not brushing cleanly and choose a violent way to brush their teeth – sawing brushing.

Think back, you will not also hold a toothbrush in your hand, in the teeth of a large horizontal back and forth brush ah brush ……

This pulling saw way of brushing teeth, not only toothbrush is not clean, in the long run, but also easy to cause a series of oral diseases.

The teeth will be brushed out of the groove, which is called a “wedge-shaped defect” in dental terminology.

When this small groove is not so serious, you may not feel it too much. Please don’t take any chances, over time, you will have receding gums, and sore and sensitive teeth, especially when the teeth encounter cold food, it is a sore.

More seriously, when the notch is deep enough and the defect reaches the pulp in the center of the tooth, pulpitis can occur. When the defect completely penetrates the entire tooth, it can even cause the tooth to break off at the waist.

Learning to brush your teeth properly is probably the best way to prevent “wedge-shaped defects”.

1. Brush the bristles at a 45-degree angle to the tooth surface and toward the gums

This is the starting position for the Bartholomew brushing method and ensures that you brush both the gums and the gum sulcus.

2. Brush in small horizontal strokes and brushing

“After about 10 horizontal movements, there is an additional movement: turn the brush head and brush in the direction of the biting surface of the teeth to get all the dirt out of the gum sulcus.

3. Brush every side of the teeth, and don’t forget to brush the tongue

Brush not only the outer and inner sides but also the occlusal side of the teeth. After brushing every side of the teeth, don’t forget to brush the tongue.

The whole process takes about 3 minutes, so you don’t need to use much force, be patient and careful.

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