Do You Know The 10 Signs Of Depression?

No one is absolutely immune to depression.

There are times when people feel depressed, down and out, sometimes as if they have hit rock bottom. But if you feel like you’re in a state of unrelenting despair, you need to sound the alarm: this may be a clinical sign of depression!

According to a study by the National Institute of Mental Health, about 7 percent of adults experience depression, but it’s hard for sufferers to be clearly aware that they have it.

If you face four or more of the following symptoms almost every day for the last two weeks, and even your daily behaviors such as working, visiting friends and relatives, and taking care of your children are affected, you must seek medical attention promptly.

1. Loss of appetite or overeating

Depression can make people silent and lead to loss of appetite; on the other hand, it can sometimes make some patients feel hungry and overeat because they need to soothe their negative emotions by replenishing their sense of taste.

2. Excessive sleep or insomnia

Some depressed patients nap frequently, and excessive sleep is a way for them to escape from the negative emotions of reality. Sleep problems are not only caused by depression but are also a trigger for the aggravation of depression, which will eventually become a vicious circle.

3. Frequent anger over trivial matters

This is perhaps a little-known clinical manifestation: depression tends to make people more prone to anger. If you feel like you’ve been grumpy or chattering lately, and all those trivial things that you didn’t care about in the past are making you angry, it may be because depression is interfering with normal hormonal fluctuations.

4. Inability to concentrate

Often forgetting deadlines at work or the exact time to pick up the kids? When people suffer from depression, their brains may be foggy, affecting their work, memory, and decision-making abilities.

5. Loss of interest

Maybe you used to love hanging out with your coworkers, but in recent weeks, the activities that used to excite you are now uninteresting. Not engaging in activities you once loved because they no longer bring you joy is also a sign of depression. Depression robs people of the ability to seek joy from past experiences, which can lead to a vicious cycle.

6. Feeling worthless

If you constantly put yourself down and feel worthless or worthless, then perhaps you are suffering from depression. When people repeatedly think of themselves as not good enough, unimportant, etc., they will be more inclined to seek certain ways to justify these negative thoughts, which can also put people with depression at greater risk.

7. Feelings of wanting to die

The idea of ending your life is always in the back of your mind, meditating on various ways to seek death. If you are experiencing these every day, or have had similar thoughts every day for the last two weeks, seek help promptly, even if you don’t feel you are experiencing other symptoms of depression.

8. Panic or anxiety

An overwhelming sense of fear usually means anxiety disorder, although, if it is often the case, it may also be depression. Some people with depression also experience ‘panic attacks. This anxiety differs from the usual one in that it is a constant, uncontrollable panic, usually accompanied by some physical discomfort, such as rapid heart rate, profuse sweating, and sleep problems.

9. Exhaustion

Depression may also cause people to become procrastinated and exhausted rather than able to handle daily tasks. Day after day, people may feel so exhausted that it becomes difficult to get up and take a shower. If you feel tired all the time and this fatigue is interfering with your daily life, seek medical attention.

10. Unexplained pain and discomfort

Depression may also affect people’s organism, such as manifesting as headaches, stomach problems, neck and back pain, and even nausea. Although not every cramp or bout of pain is a sign of depression, if you are suffering from unexplained chronic pain, in addition to seeing your doctor for a checkup, consider whether you have depression.

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