Men Should Be Careful After 40 Years Old To Prevent These 6 Diseases

Men should start to pay attention to health after the age of 40, for some diseases are also to do early protection.

1. Obesity

Although obesity is not a disease, in the occurrence of obesity, it is easy to cause a series of diseases. A study found that some obese men are more prone to hypertension, diabetes and various cardiovascular diseases, so male friends should pay attention to keeping their weight within the normal range, you can exercise and other ways to let their weight drop.

Men after 40 years old how to maintain health after 40 years old to prevent which diseases men eat what food to maintain health

2. High blood pressure

There are many men in the young often entertained, in the time of socializing is easy to consume too much high fat, high calorie and high salt food, and these factors, if accumulated for a long time, in middle age will allow the body to trigger the emergence of hypertension, so male friends in the 40 years of age to regularly monitor blood pressure, do a good job of hypertension prevention.

3. Hair loss

I believe that many people will usually see the phenomenon of male hair loss, which is also very common in some middle-aged men, this is because men in middle age are due to work and family pressure to make their own hair loss phenomenon. So men in this situation should pay special attention to relieving their own stress, and appropriate supplementation of some vitamin B can play a role in improving the effectiveness of hair loss.


Diabetes is also a very common disease, and diabetes and obesity have a close relationship, when male friends into the age of 40 are easy to appear beer belly, but also easy to make their own obesity, and these factors are easy to lead to the occurrence of diabetes. So men in the usual blood sugar monitoring, in the usual to exercise more, you can exercise to let their body energy is consumed, so as to play a role in the prevention of diabetes.

Men after 40 years old how to maintain health after 40 years old to prevent which diseases men eat what food to maintain health

5. Osteoporosis

Male friends in the age of 40, the body’s bones will begin to lose, if no special attention, it is easy to make the body’s joints become fragile, it is easy to occur osteoporosis, if not in the usual attention, it is easy to fracture. Therefore, male patients should pay attention to the annual bone density checkup on time, and supplement appropriate calcium to prevent their calcium and bone mass from being lost in large quantities.

6. Lumbar muscle strain

After entering the age of 40, men will also begin to appear some lumbar diseases, such as lumbar muscle strain, the occurrence of lumbar muscle strain to cooperate with the doctor’s treatment, and also to reduce the injury to the lumbar back in general.

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