What Should I Do If I Have Difficulty Passing Stool After Hemorrhoid Surgery?

The analysis needs to be combined with the cause.

Some patients have difficulty defecating after hemorrhoid surgery, and the usual reasons include: eating too little after surgery; postoperative psychological effects leading to fear of defecation; and constipation.

Therefore, adjustments can be made in the following three areas.

1. Adjust the rhythm of your diet.

On the day of surgery: 6 hours after surgery, you can drink some water and eat some liquid food.

1 to 2 days after surgery: If there is no abdominal pain and bloating difficult defecation, and another discomfort, you can gradually transition to a semi-liquid diet or normal diet and return to the usual normal amount of food. You can eat more easily digestible food (liquid or semi-liquid food is fine) and drink more water.

Liquid food includes various soups, fruit juices, soy milk, milk, lotus root powder, etc.; semi-liquid food includes boiled noodles, porridge, steamed egg custard, meat, vegetable puree, dairy products, tofu, bread, cake, etc.

2. Defecate when you have stool after surgery, don’t force to hold it because you are worried about affecting wound recovery or afraid of pain.

Not defecating for a long time will lead to dry stools, which will more easily lead to wound infection, even constipation, and anal fissures.

There is no need to hold it in when the pain is severe, you can use painkillers to relieve the pain (such as ibuprofen, tramadol, loxoprofen sodium, etc.).

In addition, avoiding spicy and irritating foods (such as chili, garlic, etc.), alcohol, and foods that are too hard to bite into can also help reduce some unnecessary irritation during bowel movements.

3. In case of constipation after surgery, the following options can be considered.

In terms of medication, lactulose and other laxative medications can be taken as appropriate. In terms of diet, as mentioned in point 1 above, drink more water, eat more vegetables and fruits, and foods rich in dietary fiber such as coarse grains.

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