What Will Happen To Your Body When You Drink More Water?

Drinking more water can solve a large part of the world’s problems.

What will happen to your body when you drink more water?

To find the answer, four sisters who do not like to drink water did an experiment, they had to drink enough water eight glasses a day for 30 days, and also invited Albert Matheny, a physiologist and registered dietitian to do professional answers and guidance.

Before the experiment began, the sisters spoke their minds and summed it up: “I know drinking water is good, but I just don’t have the habit and I don’t like it. And I did not drink water (I should say drinking water) in the past few days, and did not feel anything.”

The experiment began, at first, everyone felt that it was so hard to stick to drinking water, but slowly, they felt some wonderful changes.

1. Drink enough water to make the intestines more fluid

The change that resonated with the sisters was that they were having smoother bowel movements, even two or three times a day.

Kuwilileni, who just came out of the bathroom, excitedly shared her very smooth experience just now

We have talked many times about the “world problem” of how to make bowel movements more regular and smooth.

For most people, drinking enough water can promote intestinal peristalsis, but also can make the stool more hydrated, better discharge, to a certain extent to prevent constipation (for the case of constipation, drinking water is of limited help).

Solving the problem of constipation, drink enough water also brings sisters an unexpected surprise.

2. Drink enough water, surprisingly become thin

Sarah, who was not good at drinking water before the experiment began, said that drinking water made her less inclined to eat junk food, and she didn’t expect to lose 4 pounds in the first week.

When you drink enough water, the body’s metabolism will proceed more smoothly, you can also be more aware of the signals sent by the body.

Because hunger and thirst feel very similar, when you feel hungry, you may just be thirsty. And when you drink enough water and don’t feel thirsty easily, the feeling of hunger is really your body reminding you that it’s time to eat.

For people who want to control the amount of food they eat, drinking water also helps. Studies show that drinking 500 ml of water half an hour before a meal to “fill up on water” can have an effect on the cerebral cortex and can reduce appetite.

If you can suppress your appetite by drinking water before meals every day, you can eat up to 225 kilocalories less a day. This is the equivalent of jogging for half an hour, swimming for half an hour, cycling for an hour to burn calories ah.

About the other benefits of drinking water, girls hear most is that it will make the skin better, such as acne less, wrinkles unfolded, dark circles under the eyes become lighter, etc., is really so amazing?

3. Drink enough water, the skin becomes better

Kuwilileni: “Now my skin is in great shape, and I look beautiful even when I’m a vegetarian.

Cheryl: “When I look in the mirror in the morning, I find that my skin is brighter and my whole body looks younger.

Some people say they don’t feel any change in their skin.

In fact, the relationship between drinking water and skin is not as big as the rumors say, water is not a medicine, can not cure skin diseases. In most cases, the skin will not be dehydrated and dry because of drinking less water.

This is because the condition of the skin is not only related to the moisture content, but also to the skin itself. For example, dry skin may be caused by the epidermis easily losing water after the skin barrier is damaged.

But this does not mean that drinking water is not at all useful for the skin, if you usually drink too little water, the overall benefits of drinking more water will make you look radiant.

Drinking enough water has even more benefits.

4. Drinking water can help reduce sedentariness

The sisters in the documentary mentioned that after drinking more water, they ran to the toilet frequently, but nothing uncomfortable (just brought a little trouble, especially when they could not find the toilet).

In other words, every hour to the toilet, which does not just help us to reduce the harm of sedentary, but also by the way to touch the fish, why not do it.

5. Drinking water on some disease symptoms have improved the effect

For special disease states, such as kidney stones, urinary tract infections, and hyperuricemia, drinking more water helps improve the condition.

6. Drinking water for sports muscle building people is very important

I don’t know if you have found, fitness muscle gain people, always carry a large water bottle in their hands; athletes are also in between the game to grab the water.

Because drinking water, in addition to replenishing the water lost through sweating and reducing the increase in core body temperature brought about by exercise, also helps to build muscle and improve athletic performance.

The fatty tissue of the human body basically has no water, while fully hydrated muscle tissue, the water content is about 75%, so for people who want to gain muscle, drinking enough water, to ensure that the body is well hydrated is quite important.

7. A few ways to make you love drinking water

1)Straws to the rescue of lazy people

“With a straw, it’s easy to drink more water”, is the personal experience of many people.

Straws are just too convenient, and how much you want to drink, no hands to match the angle and no worries about spilling water.

The threshold is also very low, a glass straw or stainless steel straw can be done.

Out and about, you can also prepare a lid that can be inserted into the straw, so that the bottled water instantly transformed into a straw water cup.

2)Pick a cup you like

A favorite cup can really increase the desire to drink water. For example, a cup that makes you feel powerful, or a big, big cup with a scale, so you can see at a glance how much water you drink every day. For the “drink or suffer” crowd, the hydration effect is more significant.

A cup you like, you can really make drinking water full of motivation and a sense of ritual.

3)Give water to add some fancy

Young people have long been satisfied with “more hot water”.

What flowers, fruits, as long as the water can be soaked in the water to make the colorless and tasteless water becomes attractive and delicious, they are willing to try.

Although the water is not the same water, as long as no sugar is added, it is still good water. If you are looking for taste, you can also use sugar-free soda water.

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