Why Is It Important To Have A Pair Of Buttocks?

You deserve a healthy body.

Why Is It Important To Have A Pair Of Buttocks?

Slim and sickly beauty is no longer the goal to pursue, but the body line and strong muscles that symbolize health and strength are the indicators to consider in this competition.

Not only should you train your upper arms and sculpt strong arms, but also enhance your abdominal strength and carve attractive abs, as well as the very important round and full hips, which have always been a walking gaze collector, and no one can escape its charm.

Once the eye touches, it is difficult to move away again. The reason for its charm is probably because of the buttocks – really great!

The history of human evolution is actually a history of the evolution of the buttocks.

The greatness of the buttocks lies in the fact that they laid the cornerstone of evolutionary chemistry for the development of human formation. Without round and shapely buttocks, the arrival of human civilization might have to be postponed for many years.

When human ancestors were still walking on all fours, the leg muscles were very well developed and the buttocks were much weaker because this way of walking relied more on the lower limbs to generate power.

And in the long evolution, as ancestors more and more upright walking and running and hunting, in order to better power, and maintain balance, the gluteus muscle will gradually become larger, and even become the largest single muscle in the human body.

It was because of the developed gluteus that long-distance running and hunting were possible, and the movements of squatting, bending, and wielding sticks were supported by more powerful muscles. Thus, human civilization has the possibility of further.

1. The ass is well-practiced, and the body is more dexterous

Whether you want to leave a stalled shot on the basketball court, or ready to perform a badminton jump kill on the badminton court, or quickly cross the crosswalk with spirit, almost all the whole body movement of the power source, from the core area of the body muscle groups.

The gluteus is an important member of this muscle group, plus being in the pivotal position connecting the torso and lower extremities, which makes the gluteus more essential to maintaining body stability and allowing the body to maintain the stability of the spine and pelvis during exercise.

2. Hip muscle training strong, waist and knees more comfortable

When exercising, insufficient activation of the gluteus muscle may lead to action compensation, so that other muscles and joints should not bear the load, which in the long run, may cause sports injuries.

Therefore, fitness veterans know the importance of activating and forging the glutes when exercising, after all, this is an important guarantee of safe and effective fitness.

In addition to prevention, hip training can also improve the existing pain, such as back pain, and knee pain.

The state of the gluteus is closely related to the stability of the lumbar spine and patella and ankle joints. A strong gluteus can enhance their stability and slow down soreness and discomfort, while a weak gluteus may make their corresponding muscle groups have to withstand too much force, leading to discomfort.

Taking low back pain as an example, one study found that about 35% of patients with non-specific lower back pain (lumbar strain, myofasciitis, etc.) have gluteal tendinopathy and that strengthening the gluteus medius can relieve pain and improve motor function. More than 50% of patients with non-specific lower back pain have atrophy of the gluteus maximus, gluteus minimus, and piriformis muscles, which can be significantly improved by exercise training of the gluteus muscles.

Other researchers have also shown a 48% reduction in lower back pain symptoms in patients with nonspecific lower back pain after a 3-week single-limb standing hip abductor strengthening exercise intervention.

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