A Thursday: She’s Such A Hero

May women’s suffering end soon.

Title: A Thursday


When a playschool teacher – Yami Gautam kidnaps 16 small students and puts a series of demands, it not only shakes the Mumbai police and city, but it sends repercussions throughout the country and its politicians.

Movie Review:

An uncommon woman.

Why on earth did she do it? The movie gave me a big question right at the beginning.

Why would a good female teacher suddenly kidnap 17 people at gunpoint? 15 of them are still children?

The first one creates suspense at the beginning, but I do know that there must be a purpose. The heroine was too calm, calm as if she had disappeared for three weeks to prepare for today, and so it was.

Questions are thrown out one by one, and the police catch them one by one. The mystery is also solved little by little.

The children’s favorite teacher, boyfriend’s good fiancée, colleagues in the eyes of a good work partner? She always has it all covered. She was so gentle and thoughtful, smart and funny, and friendly, why would she do that?

She looks like everything is fine, but she is not fine at all, the wounds have never healed, the wounds are uncovered, it is time for revenge. Where no one else can see, there is a place inside her that has died, leaving only a shell of revenge!

Some people need women to be chaste, create shame for them, then rape them, then resent them for no longer being pure, but still need them to obey and have children. Putting a lot of invisible chains on them.

For some people it is. How can you put a rapist to death when raping a woman is not murder? The victim loses her body, but the rapist loses his life. Raping a woman doesn’t hurt just their body, it kills her dignity, her personality, her soul, her bright future! Shouldn’t this be worthy of death? A certain part of the movie reminded me of “India’s Daughter”, and I was even more angry and desperate.

In the end, the heroine was taken away and her boyfriend saluted her! I was touched inside because here, her mother, her boyfriend is supportive of her.

She said to the woman president, you can change the law! To put fear in their heads! The rapist must be executed! But everything is just a beautiful vision.

In the end, she is still a teacher, giving lessons to women, women who don’t know what they’ve been through.

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