Dogs Summer Feeding Three Points Of Caution

Dogs summer care considerations.

Hot summer is coming, the dog’s diet is the same as ours, to pay attention to quality and freshness, for the owner, the amount of feeding should also be controlled, and the summer dog’s gastrointestinal diseases, the owner in the choice of food can not be blind, if you want to elaborate specifically, the owners can pay attention to the following three points.

1. Not easy to give dogs to drink milk

Do not give milk to the dog to drink, drink water better, because water can transfer the necessary substances in the body of the pet dog and the exclusion of the body does not need metabolites; through the unconscious evaporation of water and sweat secretion to regulate body temperature by emitting large amounts of heat. In summer, dogs and people will lose a lot of water, so it is important to let them replenish water in a timely manner, to ensure that the dog’s food bowl often has clean and sufficient drinking water.

It is important to note that beverages such as tea and fruit juices have no additional benefits for dogs, milk may cause skin problems in some dogs with sensitive constitutions, and alcoholic beverages such as beer should be absolutely forbidden because their stomachs cannot afford the alcohol content. Therefore, the best drink for dogs is water.

2. Eat less meat

High summer temperatures, prone to loss of appetite, summer can be appropriate to reduce meat, warm tips, you can add some vegetables or appropriate changes in the type of dog food, but still have to give more water dogs to drink.

3. Change fresh and clean water regularly

When your dog enjoys the summer climate outdoors, pay attention to providing them with enough water and shady places. Just like people, they need to drink a lot of water in the summer and should try to change fresh water as often as possible.

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