How To Prevent Hairball Syndrome In Cats?

The cat may bring the coat in when cleaning it, and over time a hairball will form. The hairball will then become a major obstacle in the digestive tract, and the cat will spit it out because of its own protective mechanism.

If the cat is unable to spit out the hairballs by itself, it will develop hairball syndrome, where many hairballs block the digestive tract and become larger and harder.

In severe cases, the cat will be depressed, have a poor appetite, be too serious may require surgery to solve, but also easy to cause intestinal obstruction and other intestinal diseases.

To prevent hairball disease usually, the following points should be noted.

1. Regular grooming of the coat:

avoiding cats licking in body hair is not fully controllable, but we can reduce the chances of cats accidentally swallowing the coat by grooming it. Whether for long-haired cats or short-haired cats is best to comb once a day, if there is no time, the combing interval for short-haired cats can be slightly extended.

2. Feed some cat grass

cats consume some cat grass, which can promote the discharge of hairballs. So, you can go to the pet store to buy some cat grass to solve this problem, or you can grow some cat grass at home for your cat to eat.

3. can be for the hairball cat food: professional hairball cat food, containing plant and coarse fiber ingredients, can effectively prevent hairballs in the digestive tract set, help hairballs out of the body. Pay attention to the method of changing the food, don’t rush to put it in place at once to avoid the cat’s intestinal tract not adapting.

4. Use hair paste

Hair paste contains nutrients and hairball removal ingredients, which can be taken regularly to effectively prevent the formation of hairballs in the cat’s body and can promote the rapid discharge of hairballs in the body when taken according to the prescribed dose.

5. Appropriate consumption of vegetable oil

extract vegetable oil into a syringe and feed it at a dose of about 8 ml per 2.5 kg. After half a day, see if any hairballs are vomited or excreted with the cat’s stool.

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