Is The Dog Going To Vomit Hairballs?

Dogs can also have the same hairball problems as cats, although they will not be like cats always clean up after themselves, the hair that falls off during the hair change period The dog will also inevitably eat the hair. When the hair is gathered to a certain level dogs will also appear to spit hairball situations, but this situation is relatively rare and is the amount of hair easy to shed dogs will appear.

If you encounter the dog spit hairball situation, the owner can do this:

1. diligent combing: no need to introduce, especially in the hair loss period, the owner diligent combing can help dogs comb off a lot of dead hair, floating hair, increase the dog’s metabolism helps change hair.

2. the moderate amount of hair cream: hair cream is not a cat’s patent, if the family has more than one dog or dog and cat mixed family, a moderate amount to the dog to eat a little hair cream can completely play the prevention of dog hairball disease.

3. keep the environment clean and hygienic: the home is easy to stick hair place to clean up, although the dog will not take care of themselves, many dogs will be licking everywhere, and the hair that falls off is very easy to be eaten by the dog in this way.

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What Should I Do If My Dog Vomits Hair?