The Five More Common Diseases Of Dogs In The Summer

I hope the dogs are safe through the summer.

Summer is indeed a bad season for dogs. The dog’s skin does not have sweat glands, a large amount of heat in the body to rely on the tongue to distribute this is easy to cause heatstroke, and some because of the hot weather will directly or indirectly cause some problems, the following is a list of easy to cause problems, I hope that dogs are safe through the summer.

1. Heart disease

Generally speaking, obese dogs (Pug, Corgi), especially older dogs, it is easy to heat because of the heat and rapid breathing heat, breathing if often rapid is not good, increasing the load on the respiratory system, so that the heart beats too fast, very easy to cause sudden death! And some dogs themselves are prone to heart disease because climate-induced heart disease is also possible. Older and frail dogs should reduce the time to go out for a walk, walk slowly more rest, nothing home blowing cold air better!

2. The cold

Summer is the oven outside the house is a refrigerator in the house a lot of cases, the air conditioning is too open enough people will catch a cold, of course, the dog will also la. Sneezing, runny nose is also the case of dogs, so you can not be too greedy for cool, just go out and back to blow the cold air, to help cool the dog to pay attention to, do not let the dog is blowing wildly against the cold air, this situation is easy to catch a cold dog is also the same. Dogs drink some ice water to ride a wet towel cooling effect is also very good, if your dog loves to eat popsicles can also give it a popsicle to eat.

3. Skin diseases
Summer is the season of active bugs, often out of the dog is easy to take the bugs home with them, such as ants, fleas, etc. There are also those who have cut the hair of the dog, more convenient bugs to the fur underneath to bite the dog skin. Dogs with shaved bodies are not only susceptible to mosquito bites, but also to skin diseases caused by sun exposure.

I’m afraid you can’t let your dog go to the grass where there are many bugs, so the best way is passive defense method: help your dog to clean up the foreign body before entering the door; come home immediately bath or wash your feet, using insect repellent soap is very effective, not only to repel insects can also kill the eggs.

4. Heatstroke

This point does not need to explain, remind dog parents to take their dogs out as far as possible to avoid around noon, try to choose the morning and evening cool time to avoid the sun for too long, it is best to bring water to the dog, and chilled water is the most loved by dogs can help dogs quickly cool down. If the dog skipped when the phenomenon of heatstroke, to immediately drench the dog with water, it is best to wrap up with a wet towel, and then picked up and sent to the veterinary hospital, so it is important to go out with water!

5. Gastrointestinal diseases
Due to the heat, placed food or water may deteriorate, if the dog ate spoiled food, then it is easy to cause vomiting or gastroenteritis; and if the weather is humid and hot, it is also easy to cause loss of appetite occasionally vomiting phenomenon occurs, such a situation is a minor problem may not require drug treatment, starve a meal on their own can be good. But if you continue to vomit or have diarrhea, you have to go to the hospital.

By the way, the above I said to the dog to eat popsicles some dogs will also diarrhea, not applicable to every dog.

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