What Should I Do If My Cat Doesn’t Eat In The Summer?

Cats can also be picky eaters.

First of all, we must be clear about the reasons why cats do not eat, so that we can take targeted measures.

First, the owner provides inappropriate food, food spoilage, odor, etc., the cat will be picky, anorexic, and do not eat properly.

Second, the cat has just arrived in a new and unfamiliar environment, affected by nervousness, the cat will also not eat properly.

Third, diseases such as cold, heatstroke, gastroenteritis, distemper, and microscopic diseases can also affect a cat’s appetite, causing it to lose its appetite and not eat properly.

Fourth, the owner’s excessive indulgence is the pet cat has developed bad eating habits since childhood, and when the cat grows up, it will also not eat properly.

In summer, don’t force your cat to eat too much food either, you just need to prepare some rich, tasty, and light food at regular intervals every day and let your cat eat by itself. At the same time, in addition to food, prepare enough drinking water so that your cat can drink at any time.

Remember, in summer, water is very important for cats, however, because of the climate, the amount of water for cats in summer will increase, so it is important to prepare enough water, and you can also feed some fruits appropriately.

Also, make a small cool mat for your baby, it will be cool to sleep on it. If the cat is very hot, you can wipe its flesh pad with alcohol cotton to help dissipate the heat. Of course, if it is caused by disease, we have to take the cat to the doctor.

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