What Should I Do If My Dog Vomits Hair?

You may encounter this situation where your dog doesn’t have any health problems and they are vomiting. If you examine the dog’s vomit carefully, you will find a lot of hair in it.

In fact, some dogs, just like cats, need to vomit hairballs. To solve the problem of your dog vomiting hairballs, you can try the following methods.

One, combing hair

The dog’s hair roots have been shed, but still, on the body of the hair comb down, you can minimize the dog the licking hair when the hair ate into the stomach. In addition, combing hair can also improve the relationship between the owner and the dog.

Two, eating grass

Dogs eating grass you may have found, that is, when it feels sick stomach, especially when there is a hair mass in the stomach, eating some grass can stimulate the stomach mucosa and trigger vomiting, so that the hair mass can be vomited out smoothly, to keep the gastrointestinal health. In this regard, dogs and cats are similar.

Third, eat hair cream

The common coat cream for dogs and cats in the market is to help pets to remove the accumulated hair in the body, in addition to the trace elements in the cream can make the dog’s coat more healthy and shiny.

Four, keep the indoor and dog supplies hygiene

Dogs shed hair all year round, the hair not only falls on the ground and dust clumps, but also easy to fall in the dog’s food and water bowls, in the dog eat and drink together with the belly, in addition to the dog’s toys should be cleaned in a timely manner, so as to avoid the dog in play when the hair swallowed into the stomach.

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