How Do Men Lose Control Of Their Emotions?

Can control the emotions of the man, then can take a city of the general is greater!

If your own character is more prone to impulsiveness, it is recommended that before each encounter, tell yourself to wait a while before you get angry, often find that anger is not necessary. That is, before you express your emotions, first for their own emotions to cool down, such as in the heart to themselves: “I’ll be angry in three minutes.” Then count silently in your mind.

Do not underestimate the three minutes, it can help you to a large extent to restore sanity.

When you find yourself in the wrong mood, get out of the situation that has put you out of balance. Never let yourself get stuck in a dead-end, always thinking about the people or things that pissed you off, so you will get even angrier.

In addition, when you feel that your emotions can not be controlled, you can take the initiative to do some exercise, so that the impulsive emotions flow away with the sweat.

Learn to express your inner thoughts appropriately, never just smother them in your own psyche. Especially when you are not angry, and often suffer from your angry people to talk, each other to listen to each other the most easily angry things, imagine some way to communicate feelings.

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