How To Pursue The Girl You Like?

The pursuit of a girl you like requires some skills.

In the face of their favorite girls, many guys will feel embarrassed like girls, thus missing the possibility of further interaction between the two. In fact, the pursuit of a girl you like also needs to master some skills, such as two people together, talking to try to have a little sense of humor in order to make her feel happy, and also pay attention to know how to observe her emotional response.

1. Change yourself from the inside

If you think you can’t let go, it is advisable to use some imaginary power appropriately. How to pursue a girl you like? Imagine yourself as a cynical person, you never put anything on your mind, morality and other rules and regulations are not binding for you, there is no one or anything you need to be responsible for, you are out for only one thing – to play.

2. Make her feel happy

In the pursuit of girls, you need to combine the character traits of girls, do something that can make them happy. How to pursue the girl you like? Introverted girls prefer a humorous guy to open their hearts, if you like an introverted girl, then coaxing people to be happy and cheeky merit deepening. Make her happy and work hard to get her approval.

3. Know how to observe her emotional response

When two people are getting along, it is also very important to understand each other’s emotions in a timely manner. Learning this is to teach you not to do useless work, or make some adjustments in time. Stay calm and watch carefully, their slightly reddened face and somewhat disturbed breathing will tell you that she is feeling nothing! And sometimes, looking at each other did not respond, the pursuit of introverted girls men will be very anxious, and even frantic, frustrated.

4. As soon as the opportunity to make a move

The idea of treating feelings responsibly, do not think about playing even. The good man began to pursue before the issue of responsibility, so do not fully like will not go after, the conditions are not mature at present can not chase, the other party has a boyfriend can not chase, the future prospects are not good (example: in a different city) can not chase, extremely restrictive. And bad men are not going to be responsible anyway, as long as the other side a little bit of beauty, or within reach, all first chase said.

5. Be a listener

Most of the girls are like to chatter, it is recommended to do a proper listener better. Men are often eager to listen to introverted girls talk about their hearts, but they are not used to it. This requires the suitor to expose himself first and talk more about himself at the beginning of the chat.

In your narrative, the girl will feel you kind up, after appropriate guidance, they will be willing to try to speak for you those words of the heart, pick up tips: when the time comes, remember to encourage her more Oh! Do not worry that they will be bored, introverts are often the best listeners.

6. Do not have the heart of gain and loss

If you have spent energy, but still did not pursue the girl you like, I hope there is not a sense of gain and loss. How to pursue a girl you like? Keep a game mentality, bent on the pursuit of excitement in the relationship, changeable, often give women a sense of freshness, in dating through flirting, alcohol, strenuous exercise, and other ways to stimulate women’s hormones at any time.

7. Good at sweet talk

Everyone has some advantages, it is recommended to pay proper attention to discover each other’s advantages. Find out here more internal advantages, praise her, when the feelings further later, more sweet words, every woman loves to hear. This is not the same thing as exposing the sense of need. The sweet talk, but the action shows carelessness, which will make women crazy.

It is said that men in the pursuit of their favorite girls, will become a poet, speak easily on some of the sweeter languages, in fact, may wish to take advantage of their own advantage, in front of their female girls to show their strengths. There is also the need to pay attention to the attitude towards feelings to recognize, to avoid not serious attitude, affecting the further interaction between the two people.

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