Men Will Change After Marriage?

These 5 kinds of psychological changes are common.

Many women have complained that the man after the license is different from the previous before the love is how careful to serve, received a license to feel the task is completed rush can not be urged.

After the marriage, many men’s performance will indeed be a big change, so that the lover is difficult to accept, straight out of the deception. Men will change after marriage?

1. After marriage, men become very lazy

Interaction, feel the male seems to be more attentive, but also particularly active. Let him go very far away to buy a snack and will be happy to run with no complaints. But the license, and then mention such requirements, the other party is likely to feel that you are not reasonable.

As if this is the majority of married men will appear in the situation, after all, you are already a family well, anyway, you will not have to leave because of such things. We all choose a comfortable lazy way to live a comfortable life.

2. Prefer to party rather than accompany his wife

Married men relatively speaking because of that certificate, think you will not just break up and have a sense of security, they think that married into the family does not have to be too close, the cost required does not have to put too much more. So more like to carry out their own circle and meet more new people.

3. Have more interest in developing their own hobbies

After marriage, it will be found that men become more game-loving and will take a lot of time games, such as the Internet, golf, etc. Think married into the family will not run, then go to do more interested in things, to make up for the previous fall.

4. Pay more attention to their work

The focus of the relationship is to coax the object home, then after the licensing focus is on the two sides of the newly established small home. This newly established relationship, although fresh, but very fragile, the foundation is also thin, the need for two people to work hard to operate. So the pressure on men will be very high, and the focus will be shifted to the construction of the above.

5. After marriage, men avoid household chores

Lazy, is a vice inherent to the human species.

When dating, in order to obtain each other’s goodwill, men and women will focus on their own image, the male shaped their own bear, while the female is more than the performance virtuous.

However, there is a difference between men and women is that, after receiving a license to have their own small home, the men began to lazy, but women are more diligent, as if the men’s enthusiasm is consumed in the relationship, the same, many things at home can not do. But this is not to say that he does not like you, just the two small homes as a place to relax and lazily.


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