The Seven Types Of Intimacy Women Want Most

True intimacy should exist in the meaning, not in the form.

The seven types of intimacy women want most

Love is the happiest feeling in the world and can awaken the best emotions in our hearts. Of course, the meaning of love is by no means limited to romantic acts, and the fact that we can’t help but expose all of ourselves to each other and also desire to be accepted by each other, which is also the definition of intimacy.

People cannot live without spiritual needs, even if they have to be based on the real world, but spiritual longing and yearning still drive people to act.

If what a man wants most in an intimate relationship is an affirmation of the value and the formation of a benign relationship of dependence and dependence, this of course has to do with male tradition and nature. So what do women want most in an intimate relationship?

1. Growth of intimacy

This begins with the source of women’s emotions, but also the core cornerstone of a long and harmonious intimate relationship, the adoration and admiration of a man, they invariably fantasize about the talent, wisdom, character, and richness of their partners. Conversely, they will never fall in love with a man who makes her feel churlish.

Therefore, what women want most is a pattern, having the capacity, ability, and vision of the man to carry themselves, as well as lead their own growth, teaching her the world of human affairs, more in the temp of the storm to give her support.

2. Frank and intimate relationship

When two people are together, they can share with each other the most real, the most real, the most internal content, of course, this is based on absolute trust and honesty, including the sharing of the real self, real experience, real emotions, real insights.

It is because, from such honesty, one can see the uniqueness of oneself, the uniqueness of being able to occupy a unique place in the other person’s spiritual world. In addition is also a large part of the source of security, to determine their own importance and find a sense of belonging from it.

3. Respectful intimacy

True love is the independence of two trees, watching and reflecting on each other, but each into the landscape; true love is the adoration of two clusters of flowers, admiring each other’s beauty, no harm to breathe freely; true love is the distant look of two stars, millions of years of waiting, but never feel separated.

No woman wants to be controlled by each other, and no woman is willing for each other to change their own, all comfortable and easy intimacy, must be built on the basis of respect, can respect each other’s differences, can respect each other’s differences, can respect each other’s independence.

4. Delicate intimacy

What is the easiest thing for a man to impress a woman? Just one point, the value of the premise of the delicate. If only delicate but no value, then his payment will not be valued.

Delicate includes his careful, perceptive because his heart has always been her, in order to keenly capture her various emotions, the first time to find her sadness, disappointment, frustration, and despondency, and then send their needs, the warmth of this snow, almost irresistible to women.

5. Loyal intimacy

Loyalty is not I want to erase your right to appreciate other beautiful, beautiful but can maintain a good kind of pure appreciation, even when tempted, can always make a loyal choice at the critical moment.

Even if it is an intimate relationship, you cannot present a kidnapping gesture, as well as over-idealize human nature. I can only say that you can take responsibility for me, and because of the conscience to remember the kindness along the way, as well as the thought of the harm to me, all a feeling of compassion, to ensure loyalty to me, which is one of the foundations of intimate relationships.

6. Positive intimacy

People are animals that tend to avoid harm, no one wants to approach those who are full of negative energy, only to hear their complaints, dissatisfaction, questions, and remorse, because with such people for a long time, will certainly be dragged into the whirlpool of resentment.

Whether positive or negative energy, is extremely infectious, so we ultimately need, perhaps a variety of emotions, but there is always a positive premise, meaning that we can find from the loved one, the partner’s body full of motivation, such as the sun nourishes itself.

7. Tolerance of intimacy

Because two people can not be absolutely suitable, perfect fit, there are always certain differences and each other’s shortcomings and differences, so if you want the most relaxed, the freest, the most open, the most carefree intimacy, there is a premise is mutual tolerance, more appreciation of each other’s strengths, then see fewer weaknesses.

If two people together are harsh, calculating, everything to figure out, get to the bottom of it, then the end result, can only be the heart and soul, which is also contrary to the original purpose of establishing intimate relationships, not to get to completion, but attrition and internal conflict.



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