What Are The Advantages Of A Good Man?

How to identify a good man from a bad man.

Whether a girl is looking for a boyfriend or looking for a future significant other, we all hope that the other party is a good man, in a relationship or marriage, can take on the responsibilities of a man, while being able to respect and care for themselves.

In fact, the way to identify good men and bad men is very simple, good men have the following advantages.

1. The right time to hide emotions

Many women are prone to emotional situations when expressing their feelings, but good men don’t. In fact, not everything is worth wasting feelings, restraint of feelings in due time will not be considered cold-blooded and heartless, but to highlight the wise and competent personality.

2. Do things are talking logically

Good men seem more mature, in the face of things, can be very calm to deal with. Men in decision-making will usually be rational thinking, judgment, women tend to intuition and the so-called “sixth sense”. This is also the reason why the two often disagree. Women should know that everything has a reasoning behind as well as a logical relationship.

3. Do not repeatedly say something

Some men, if not very broad-minded, are prone to repeatedly stress when things come up. What are the advantages of a good man? The woman likes to nag about the little things in life, so as to create a feeling of being needed. But this kind of nagging is not good enough for men. The woman can sometimes choose to remain silent, the man tasted the consequences, and will naturally learn to correct them.

4. Chat gossip to stop

Although chatting gossip is very interesting, after all, it is a matter involving the privacy of others, so it is still appropriate to stop. Although men will spread gossip, they usually have a selective rumor, which is exactly where women need to learn.

5. Learn the man’s sense of humor

A man who is charming will attract more attention from women. What are the advantages of a good man? Humor can perfectly demonstrate a woman’s intelligence and mind. Don’t just be a man’s audience, usually read more books and newspapers to accumulate material, the next party to try boldly.

6. Brave face the reality of life

Scum in the face of responsibility, because they do not want to bear, either to escape or always emphasize how sleepy they are, its the actual unwillingness to bear. In a marriage or relationship, women will have all kinds of illusions about themselves and the things around them. Try to accept the reality that you can’t change, so you will live a little easier.

Nowadays, many men are said to be scum, and girls are increasingly worried that they will meet someone when they are looking for a significant other. In fact, through proper contact, you can still understand the true character of a man. Of course, no matter how good the man is, there are more or less some shortcomings in the body, so when looking for a good man, do not pursue perfection too much.

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