What Should A Man Do On A First Date?

There are a few things to keep in mind on a first date to avoid embarrassment for both parties.

How not be embarrassed on a first date?

1. Good image

When two people go on a first date, the image of each other is very important, so it is important to maintain a good image. If the other party is a formal person, you better wear a little formal, the other party is very casual, you can also wear some casual. Do not a suit and tie sneakers on a date, two people are not the same, is the capital awkward.

2. Polite physical contact occurs

When interacting with each other, pay proper attention to some physical contact, generally by men first shake hands, women and then reach out, stay 2-3 seconds not too hard, shaking hands is a more common social etiquette, does not look too abrupt, but also can be very good to close the relationship between the two people.

3. Be prepared to talk

If you are not very good at talking, you need to pay proper attention to the content of the conversation between the two people.

If you are afraid of dating awkwardly, it is best to think about the topics you can talk about beforehand, such as travels you have had, such as interesting things at work, the latest hit movie, can become your talking points.

But it is important to note that the topic should be light and cheerful, do not come up to talk about the former talk about love history those heavy topics, remember, you are the first date.

4. To complete one thing together

In order to relieve each other’s embarrassment, it is recommended that when dating together, you can find some small things to do together, such as using playing cards and coins to prepare small magic, mainly to participate in the game with each other to relieve the awkward atmosphere.

Remember never to be too presumptuous and force the other person to play the game with you. The relationship will also go further when two people accomplish something together and interact in the process.

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