Four Reasons To Visit Boholislan

A paradise for the world’s diving enthusiasts.

Bohol island, the tenth-largest island in the Philippines, is 70 kilometers from Mactan Island in Cebu, under the jurisdiction of the province of Bohol island, and is part of the Visayas Islands.

The island has beautiful scenery such as the exotic chocolate mountains, the world’s smallest miniature spectacled monkeys, and underwater cliffs with a 3,000-foot drop. In addition, it is a coral island with crystal clear water, which is known as “the world’s paradise for divers”.

1. Incredibly clean water and beach

The beach of Mint Island is the beach washed out by the seawater, although not very fine, but still soft.

The most lively on Mint Island is Alona Beach, followed by Momo Beach is also a good choice.

2. One island, one landscape

Mint Island is surrounded by 74 small and large islands, each island has its own wonderful.

The more famous ones such as Virgin Island, Panglao Island. When you come to Bohol, you must join the island hopping tour to enjoy the different island styles.

3. Fantastic sea journey

This is a world-class diving destination, where there is a 3,000-foot underwater fault, on which are various corals, a variety of large fish, storms, and sea turtles everywhere.

In Bohol, you can also take a crab boat, which is unique to the Philippines, and start your fantastic dolphin tracking journey from the moment the sky turns white.

4. Inexpensive seafood

Bohol is definitely a great seafood destination at a good price compared to other tourist islands where the price of seafood is prohibitive. Seafood is everywhere here, and you can get fresh shellfish and sea fish even from the stalls.

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