Norway Preikestolen Hiking Guide

A must-see place to visit in Norway.

Preikestolen, the most famous attraction in the Ryfylke region of southwestern Norway, is a 604-meter-high cliff platform with an area of about 600 square meters, presumably formed by frost melting 10,000 years ago, and the legendary place where Jesus Christ preached to the living.

Hiking difficulty: Beginner

Hiking time: about 5-6 hours round trip


In the introduction at the entrance, you will also see such signs during the journey to understand your approximate location of the trip.

The first section is a gravel road, following the red T signs on the trees all the way, it is basically impossible to get lost.
The second section crosses the meadow, very gentle, and the water by the road is very clear.

In the third section, continuing the gravel road, about halfway up, you can already see the fjord.

The last section of the road is basically walking on this big gentle slope, when it can face the fjord directly, the destination is already very close, this section of the road is a relatively slippery, especially slippery section with protection bar.

When you finally reach the end, when standing on the top of the cliff, the view is so stunning that you can see the Rüsselfjord here, lying quietly beside you, as if you were floating in the air, and can strongly feel the vitality of nature.

Safety reminder: Preikestolen because of the steep upright above the fjord, the terrain is high and open, often blowing a lot of wind, some people do not even dare to stand up, can only sit or even lie down to move forward, so pay attention to safety.


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