One Ticket For The Whole Of Switzerland!

I’d love to buy a train ticket to Switzerland!

Swiss trains are world-renowned for their safety, punctuality, comfort, and cleanliness, making them the ideal and most convenient way to travel from point to point.

The entire country can be traversed in 3 hours of prime time. The country’s dense rail network, the comfort of the trains, and the stunning natural scenery along the way make rail travel the first choice for tourists in Switzerland.

1. Convenient travel

Switzerland has a dense network of railroads and frequent trains between cities, making it easy to transport visitors from one location to another.

All major train stations are located in the center of the city, and most of the major attractions are located within an hour’s walk of the station, making it easy for visitors to explore on foot.

The country is divided into German, French, Italian and other language areas, and tourists driving by car are often confused by the signs in the different language areas, but by choosing the train, you can leave this trouble behind and enjoy a relaxing time on the train.

2. Time-saving and efficient

Switzerland is a small country, and almost any city in Switzerland can be reached within three hours by train from Zurich, the country’s international transportation hub.

Trains run between cities every few minutes, on time and with accurate information, almost every second.

3. Popular Railways

Switzerland has a number of famous scenic trains that run exclusively between the country’s popular scenic areas. A ride on one of these scenic trains is a great way to enjoy the natural beauty of Switzerland.

There are three of the most popular scenic train lines in the Swiss Alps, each with its own unique characteristics. The Glacier Express features mountain and tunnel views, the Golden Pass Panorama Express features lake and mountain views, and the Bernina Express offers the most powerful scenic route with up-close views of the three major glaciers.

4. High level of comfort

The comfort level of Swiss trains is high, and the carriages are divided into the first and second classes. Even for the second-class seats, the spacing between the two seats is spacious.

Not only can you bring your baggage on board, but even bicycles and pets can be brought on board.

The trains in Switzerland are basically full, and there are no standing tickets. Usually, there are a few passengers sitting sporadically in one carriage, and everyone will find a seat to read a book and rest quietly.

The quality of the training environment further enhances the comfort level. Sitting in the spacious panoramic train and looking at the magnificent view of the Alps is a rare enjoyment in itself.

5. Affordable prices

With a Swiss Travel Pass, you can take unlimited train rides, buses, ferries, buses, and other transportation routes within Switzerland for a set period of time.

In addition, the pass also provides free access to all national museums and art galleries, which means that no other country in the world has such a powerful transportation card.

Swiss Travel Pass Tips
It is important to note that the Swiss Travel Pass (formerly the Swiss Pass, now called the Swiss Travel Pass) is issued directly by Swiss Railways, and is not a single-country pass for Switzerland, as we usually call the Eurail Pass.

In fact, there is no Swiss option in the Eurail single-country pass. The only way to buy a pass that includes Switzerland on Eurail is to buy a multi-country pass or a Global Pass that covers all partner countries.

In addition, due to the small size of the country and the high rate of intercity commuting, the Swiss train system is bus-based and in most cases, there is no need to book a seat (slow trains also do not offer a seat booking option).

However, reservations are required for some cross-country trains operated by other rail companies, such as high-speed trains to Italy and France or cross-country night trains.

Among the trains in Switzerland, only the Glacier Express has to be booked in advance. Of course, on other scenic trains, you can also reserve a seat in advance if you wish to ride in the panoramic carriage or dine in the dining car.

How to book a seat

Reservations can be made in advance on the Swiss Railways website, or directly at the train station counter. It is best to book seats sometime in advance, especially on the observation trains, as seats can be quite sought after.

Where to buy

Tickets are available at all major airports and train stations in Switzerland and must be purchased with a passport.


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