Spring Is The Time To Drive In New Zealand

Only by coming to this country can you truly experience its beauty.

New Zealand is a country you can visit at any time of the year, a treasure in the South Pacific where the spring colors are truly not to be missed and you can still enjoy your New Zealand RV driving trip.

Here’s a look at what you should do in New Zealand when spring arrives.

1. Top Trails

New Zealand is famous for its spectacular natural scenery, and you’ll be perfectly positioned for this by taking one of the country’s ‘Top Trails’.

Many trails can be challenging to cross in the winter and have large crowds in the summer, so coming to the Top Trails in the spring is a perfect balance. You should be prepared to pack for the wet season, as spring in New Zealand can be very wet at times.

2. Whitianga Scallop Festival

Rent a caravan in Auckland and avoid New Zealand’s big coastal cities and head to Whitianga, an idyllic town on the Coromandel Peninsula that hosts one of the country’s best seafood festivals every year when spring arrives.
The Whitianga Scallop Festival will bring together New Zealand’s top chefs for live cooking, along with delicious fresh seafood and fine wines.

As the weather starts to warm up, Coromandel’s beautiful beaches start to become more inviting, so consider exploring the area to your heart’s content once the festival is over.

3. Agrodome Ranch

Located just outside Rotorua, Agrodome Ranch is quite possibly the best place in New Zealand to experience country life. Families will love Agrodome’s world-famous farm show, where you can not only witness the amazing work of sheep shearing and farm dogs but also have the opportunity to feed the lambs or milk them yourself.

4. Alexandra Flower Festival

Alexandra, a South Island town that emerged during the New Zealand Gold Rush, has held a flower festival every spring since 1957. The festival runs for three full weeks, with live music, circus acts, flower displays, street food, and more as must-haves.


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